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Hire A Shopify SEO Expert In 3 Steps

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So, you chose Shopify as your eCommerce website builder and are excited about all the possibilities it offers you for growing as an online store. The possibilities this platform offers are endless, and the interface is incredibly user-friendly.

After playing with the dashboard for a while, you start to realize that no matter how many hours you put into it, it feels like you’re only scratching the surface. This subscription-based software turns out to be a comprehensive solution that gives anyone the power to start selling products across the globe. A complete dream come true.

But there is a problem. You soon realize that building an effective and completely optimized website requires time and deep knowledge. Indeed, driving traffic to your store or making search engines fall in love with your pages is not as easy as you thought. You feel it is time to hire a Shopify SEO expert that can perform effective keyword research. You need help to design and execute a flawless digital marketing strategy to start climbing in search engine rankings. So how can I find the right Shopify SEO expert?

1. Define your website´s shortcomings
The first thing you need to do is create a list of elements you think need improvement. Some of these aspects might be cosmetic, like better images. Other details might require a lot more technical knowledge, like website and product organization, loading speeds, technical SEO details, and more.

One vital aspect every website and eCommerce owner should take into consideration is on-page content. Professionally created copy is one of the most important factors Google evaluates when deciding if a website deserves to be placed on top of searches.

If you need help building a comprehensive list of factors that need some tweaking to make your website rank, you can use this free SEO Audit Tool.

1. Check The Services The Digital Agency Offers
Once you have pinpointed the challenges you need to overcome to have a fully functional and completely optimized website, you need to determine what company can provide exactly what you need.

A Shopify SEO expert will generally offer specific services aimed at propelling the ranking and sales of Shopify stores.

For example, if you need a content strategy to start building authoritativeness and attract more organic traffic, you will need an SEO agency that specializes in content creation and link-building strategies. If your website needs help with more technical aspects, you need SEO services that can help you with development and backend optimization. Always go with Shopify SEO experts that have a holistic approach as they often discover aspects that are related and will address all of them for increased impact.

1. Stay On Budget
While everyone needs SEO services, they should be aimed at increasing return on investment. As you shop around for SEO companies, make sure you stick to the ones that offer different packages that adjust to what your business requires and are scalable. That means that as soon as you reach a milestone you can choose to go to the next tier.

Bear in mind that SEO takes time to show results. You might want to give your campaign a boost for quick results in sales with PPC services while your SEO strategy takes off. This is a smart way to promote growth while building the solid base of your SEO success.

Now you´re ready to start hunting for the perfect SEO company for your store. If you want to learn more about how to give your eCommerce business a traffic boost, visit Genius eCommerce today and talk to real Shopify SEO experts.

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