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How Do Drill Bit Manufacturers Help You Switch to High-Speed Machining?

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Metalworking today is a completely different industry than it was 20 years ago. Many shops and manufacturers have adopted innovative machining strategies to increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve part quality. Carbide drill bit manufacturers play a significant role here as they provide tools that can keep up with this industry´s frantic pace.

As speeds and tooling strategies become more efficient, materials that previously seemed impossible to machine with relatively affordable hardware, have now become accessible even for the weekend warrior.

There are three main strategies today that require specialized tools. In fact, these strategies are used mainly to squeeze out the full milage carbide tools can yield. Let’s take a look at them.

High-Speed Machining: This strategy focuses on radial depth, cutting speeds and table feeds. While this is a low heat buildup strategy, you need higher dimensional accuracy. HSM requires thick and rigid cores for increased stability to prevent your tool from walking off-target, and geometries that provide enhanced chip evacuation rates.

High-Feed Machining: HFM combines large radial engagement with short cut depths. This is done to increase metal removal rates with drastically higher table feeds. You need carefully designed carbide end mills with a short cutting length and specially shaped teeth to improve feed rates.

High-Performance Machining: This is all about achieving the highest removal rates possible without decreasing quality or accuracy. HPM is basically a combination of brute force, high-performance tool materials, and advanced computerized tool paths. The goal here is to have a higher stack of finished pieces at the end of the shift by increasing feed rates and reducing downtime. While equipment such as workholders or 5-axis machining centers will provide more efficiency and new ways to approach materials, you will need cutting tools that can withstand, or actually benefit from, increased speeds and feed rates.

Solid carbide cutting tools offer increased accuracy and temperature control all in one package. Robust carbide tools give your machine a fighting chance to hit the center and stay its course when boring at high speeds. Additionally, their coating allows them to retain their sharpness, increasing tool life many times over steel-based tools. These chemical properties are vital when aiming for increased productivity, and coatings like TiAlN actually need to reach high temperatures and speeds to activate its wear-rebuild cycle known for preventing structural fatigue and extending tool life.

However, not all carbide tools offer the same quality. If you want to take full advantage of these super tools, you need to find drill bit manufacturers that specialize in producing high-performance machining supplies. Many carbide tools come from overseas that fail to deliver the expected results. Big box stores sometimes carry high-quality products, but part of the price tag includes hefty cuts for middlemen, thus affecting the ROI you expect to gain when switching to high-performance machining.

So, you want tools from a US carbide drill bit manufacturer specialized in designing tools that hold their edges. It is the only way to guarantee high-quality standards while keeping costs down. We recommend visiting They offer manufacturer direct pricing and free shipping on orders over $250. Contact them today!

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