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How To Avoid Losing Your Kid’s Shoes. Hint: Shoe Name Labels

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Parents often can’t wait for their little ones to head off to preschool, elementary school, camp, daycare, and other exciting locations as they provide pivotal developmental milestones in their children’s lives.

Those mornings of gathering the kids, however, are undeniably hectic! There’s simply a lot to keep track of, to gather, and to remember to bring. Have you ever had a child misplace his or her personal belongings while you’re running out the door, causing you to have to turn around and frantically search for them on your own?

You know this all too well, even that their shoes go missing or get mixed up with their siblings’ shoes! But what about when you aren’t there to help them find their shoes, such as when they go to the swimming pool, daycare, camp, or even a friend’s house?

Fortunately, there is one key measure you can take to make sure that your childrens’ belongings are easily identifiable and make it back home with them: use shoe name labels.

It is not uncommon for children to show up to school or other locations wearing shoes that have a similar appearance. Because of the popularity of certain shoe designs, it might be difficult for young children to locate theirs. This is especially true when children are picked up by transportation services or in a rush. Perhaps your children will return home wearing someone else’s shoes!

It is quite likely that a mix-up may occur, but not so with the use of shoe name labels. Some parents write their child’s name on the bottom or sides of the shoes. However, after a few washes, you may notice that the writing fades and you’ll have to rewrite them. That’s where these labels can come in to save the day.

These labels are heavy-duty and waterproof, which means that they can efficiently serve the key purpose of keeping your children’s shoes for good. Not only that, but they even provide your kids with an elevated level of independence– and a decreased possibility of squabbling with siblings and peers!

Shoe MATCHUp Labels are great for little one’s learning to put their shoes on the correct foot. These particular labels are designed so that the child has to match up the two halves of a picture. An added bonus is you can add the child’s name and a phone number, making them great for the pool or summer vacation when flip-flops and other summer shoes can look so similar and are easy to lose.

For those especially active toddlers, you can select the foot-shaped shoe labels that are in the shape of a foot, which have room for a name and phone number. These are great for dance shoes, athletic shoes, and again keeping similar style shoes organized at homes for siblings.

For older children, you might select the heel-shape shoe labels. They fit perfectly into the heel of their shoes and can be customized with their name and phone number. Again, these are great for homes where siblings who may have similar style shoes, flip-flops, dance shoes, and team athletic shoes.

All you’ll need to do is simply write on them and place them inside your child’s shoes before they put them on. A variety of colors are available, so you may choose one your child loves.

In order to find the most high-quality yet low-cost shoe name labels and other organizational labels for children, trust no one other than Sticky Monkey Labels. They let parents get creative with organization labels and other helpful tools for their children! Visit their website and check out their wide selection!

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