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How To Choose A Prebuilt Gaming Computer According To Types Of Gamer

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When we enter a store displaying prebuilt gaming computers, most of us are drawn to them because of their sleek and imposing looks. We also understand that they pack a lot of power inside and high-end components, so we go directly into the spec sheet to check them out.

Unfortunately, many of these great-looking rigs only contain a few high-performance components but tend to lack real synergy, sometimes leading to serious bottlenecks. However, not every prebuilt gaming computer is the same. There are incredibly good providers today that focus on delivering incredibly potent gaming rigs built by real gamers.

How can you find the best prebuilt gaming computer?
Let’s go over the basic components any decent gaming PC should have so you can find the right rig for your gaming needs.

First, you need to define what kind of gamer you are. We can enter into a huge discussion about our gaming preferences or how gamers should never be put in closed categories. All that is fine and dandy, but categorizing helps us put things into perspective and understand how much is good enough for us. You don’t want to end up maxing out components that will never get past 50% of use.

If you search the internet for “types of gamers” you might encounter long lists detailing gaming preferences and how your preferences or gender will lock you into one of these categories. However, that’s all a bunch of nonsense. You should care about how many hours you spend gaming and whether those games are resource intensive or not.

So, we can create at least three categories in our minds to help us zero in our prebuilt gaming computer more easily: casual gamer, hardcore gamer, and streamer.

Most gamers will fall into this category. They like to play games, they want an immersive experience and they value the time spent in front of their computer, meaning that zippiness and load times are extremely important so they can jump into their favorite titles in seconds and get the best possible experience. For this category, mid-range processors are usually adequate as they can deliver enough speed without sacrificing performance. SSD drives, 16gb of ram, and a decent graphic card is often enough.

Hardcore gamers usually devote most of their leisure time to video games. They also focus on two or three video game categories, which means that they need a prebuilt gaming computer that enhances performance on key aspects of their games. For example, first person shooters will demand higher responsiveness to eliminate input lag. High-end graphic cards are a must for hardcore gamers as they will need more frames per second if they want to remain competitive. Those who focus on real-time strategy games will favor CPU power.

Streamers are usually hardcore gamers. However, they demand even more resources as they run more software in the background. So, they need to push RAM and processing power while keeping graphics up for optimal performance.

After figuring out what category fits you best, you will have a better understanding of the components you need and which prebuilt gaming computer is best for you.

I recommend visiting CLX Gaming. They have an incredibly wide selection of prebuilt gaming PCs, and they even show how popular titles perform in them. That is extremely helpful when choosing the right rig for your gaming.

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