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How To Get A Real Property Report in Penticton

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Real Property Reports are always required for real estate transactions. Any new construction project or renovation work necessitates the land surveyor to prepare a detailed RPR. It is always advised to locate the best land surveyor in your area to get hold of comprehensive reports.

Ensuring that the buyers know exactly what they are buying, sellers are sure of their property information, and architects and engineers are assured of quality reporting, getting a Real Property Report in Penticton is crucial.

First, let us begin with what exactly is a Real Property Report.

Real Property Report
The Real Property Report refers to a legal document containing all details of a particular property. Land surveyors prepare this all-inclusive document for buyers, sellers, lenders, investors and other professionals.

For all commercial, residential or any raw land, creating an RPR is essential, and often a legal mandate.

Next, let’s move on to highlighting why we need an RPR in the first place.

Need for RPRs
Extensive and detailed RPR suffices too many aspects of land development. Simply put, a Real Property Report in Penticton is required –

1. To protect the property and its owner

2. For compliance with municipal laws

3. To lay out details for buyers and sellers

4. To serve as a foundation for further work by architects and engineers

5. To avoid any land disputes or encroachments

6. To save the owner against any fines by the authorities for violation of legal requirements

Now that we have helped you understand the importance of an RPR for any land development project, let us see how to get one made.

The Role of Land Surveyors
Land surveyors are professionals who are qualified and educated to offer complete land surveying services for all types and sizes of projects. They are experts in their field, and gain rich experience over the years.

Hiring a trustworthy, experienced and reliable land surveyor is essential in Penticton. The experience and practical knowledge gained over the years helps develop full-fledged, comprehensive and detailed reports.

Land surveyors know about local laws, regulations, licences, authorizations, and surrounding properties as well.

Have An RPR Already? It Still Needs An Update
If a person already has an RPR made, it still needs to be updated. There has to be a Statutory Declaration or Affidavit that claims its accuracy and updated character. This proves that the property has not changed at all since then.

This can be updated by contacting the land surveyor. They will help you fetch a compliance stamp upon confirmation to be sure of no violation of municipal regulations. However, to get this stamp, the person will have to visit the municipal authority in person.

How To Get An RPR Made in Penticton
CORE Geomatics is the answer to everything land surveying. From discussing property details with the buyers or sellers, to visiting sites, demarcating boundaries, identifying titles, avoiding land disputes, the adroit team of land surveyors at CORE Geomatics possesses over a decade-long experience.

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