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How to Keep Your Rheem 4 Ton AC Unit Running Smoothly

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Have you just added a Rheem 4 ton AC unit to your home? Congratulations on investing in one of the most trusted names in HVAC. For years, Rheem has been outfitting homes with some of the finest heating and cooling solutions that technology can provide – but it comes at a price: performance requires maintenance.

Apply these helpful, basic tips to ensure you’re doing your part to keep your Rheem AC unit in tip-top shape, at least between professional service visits.

● Replace your air filter regularly
Air filters filter out pollen, smoke, dust and other particulate matter from the air before running it through your home’s AC system. Over time, the filter will get clogged, which will cause your AC system to work harder, thus minimizing its efficiency and increasing the likelihood of running into problems. You should change your air filter regularly; about once a month, especially in the hotter months when you’re running your AC system frequently.

● Clear out the condensation drain tube
Your air conditioner’s evaporator coil doesn’t just help to remove energy from the air, cooling it off. It also plays a vital role – the vital role – in removing humidity from the air, keeping you and your family comfortable. After condensation forms on the coils, the condensate drain line will collect it and drain it, typically to the outside of the home.

If the line becomes clogged, it can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which is not beneficial to your health. Equally dismaying, it will frustrate the attempt of your AC system to remove humidity from the air.

● Straighten bent fins on outdoor units (and clean them)
The fins on the compressor of your air conditioner’s outdoor compressor help to vent heat away from the unit, preventing overheating and increasing efficient venting. They are made from thin metal blades that are all too easy to turn, bend or crimp. Unfortunately, when they do get crimped, they can slow down the performance of an AC unit. There are special tools you can use to straighten them out, although you can also use a butter knife. Just be careful and wear gloves, as the fins might be sharp.

● It might sound obvious – but keep windows closed and draw the blinds
Obviously, you should be offering your AC system any help you can to keep it from overworking. Keep your windows closed and shades drawn to prevent overtaxing the system.

● Replace insulation around lines to prevent your AC unit from overworking
If there are gaps in the insulation surrounding any hoses or lines, replace these asap – they’re just areas for hot air and humidity to get in, that will also allow precious cooled air to escape.

● Tighten or replace fan belts (if you can)
Various internal components of your AC system, such as the fan that helps in dispersing heat, are powered by drive belts. Loose, worn, or cracked belts can all fail, causing expensive damage. If you can easily access and replace the belts, you can help ensure peak performance.

● Finally – have a professional technician service your system at least once per year
There are some services that you understandably may not be able to perform on your own at home, which is to be expected. For periodic maintenance services (at least once per year) have a professional HVAC technician come on-site to assess your system and perform preventative maintenance. This will help ensure your AC unit is running like a song for many years to come.

Don’t Have a Rheem 4 Ton AC Unit Yet?
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