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How To Manage Hot Flashes Before Period

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Hot flashes happen to some women before, during and after menopause. Here we specifically discuss about hot flashes before period. Hot flashes in women can be uncomfortable experiences, but they are never to be dreaded as dangerous. Accomplished healthcare providers suggest focusing on managing the symptoms. The sure reasons why hot flashes happen and the ways to prevent them altogether are still to be found out.

Expert advices recommend staying cool to bring down the frequency and intensity of hot flashes you might experience. If you must experience hot flash, try to cool down your body in some proven ways including wearing layers, removing the extra clothing you might have, using fan or air conditioner, eating foods that cool your body, consuming cool drinks, and some medications.

Hormone therapy
Supplements of estrogen and progesterone are used in hormone therapy. These are prescribed commonly to manage hot flashes. Conditions like breast cancer, liver disease or stroke can make it unsafe to use them. To manage hot flashes, anti-depressant medications that can increase the levels of serotonin in the body can be very helpful to some people.

Lifestyle Changes
The first best approach experienced doctors suggest for managing hot flashes is to change your lifestyle. When you first attempt managing hot flashes, analyze your activity, food and lifestyle closely to check what is triggering hot flashes. Once you find out the possible causes, you can work with some life style changes and check their effectiveness in managing hot flashes before period.

Studies tell us that several lifestyle factors including alcohol, diet and exercise are some risk factors that can cause or worsen hot flashes. Also, smoking and anxiety are found to have a definite impact on hot flashes. You must keep track of your experience and decide what can work best in your specific case.

Hot flashes are noticed commonly in people who are obese and overweight. Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce hot flashes before period due to hormonal changes.

Alternative Treatments
Researchers working on the topic of hot flashes are coming out with alternative treatments to manage hot flashes in a better way and to treat them effectively. However, till today, we are not able to find out some effective therapies to give us dependable results. The position statement issued by The North American Menopause Society maintains that there are no evidences to show us that acupuncture, yoga, exercise, relaxation, or herbal supplements can help in managing hot flashes.

Hot flashes are a common phenomenon in a number of women before, during and after menopause. When you sweat suddenly and feel flushed, this might be an indication that you are nearing your menopause stage. Also, hot flashes before period can happen during any stage of your life. This is not a concerning medical condition. While hot flashes can make you uncomfortable for brief periods, the inputs given in this article are for you to try managing it effectively. If you feel hot flashes impact your life seriously, do not hesitate to consult a healthcare provider.

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