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How To Plan A Triumphant Cigar Party on Thanksgiving

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The coming of the fall season is the most awaited part of the year. It’s when the hot summer breeze ends and cooler air begins. Apart from that, you also start smelling various aromas in the air what with Thanksgiving Feast giving off delicious food aroma, you’re tempted to enhance it with the well-known tasting notes of cigars. Having a Cigar Party on top of your Thanksgiving Dinner is the best party combination there is. The very highlight of a Cigar Party on Thanksgiving Day is the fact that certain cigar notes enhance the flavors of your dinner, even more, cutting through the flavors that linger in your mouth. On top of that, it’s always better to eat before drawing on a premium cigar to avoid feeling nauseous which is not really the best cigar smoking experience.

There’s no better night than having your three favorite things gather in one place: your family, the feast, and premium cigars. A cigar party is no good if you’re not smoking a fine quality of cigars after the Thanksgiving Dinner. Be that as it may, you won’t have to go broke just so your friends and family can have a taste of a premium cigar. If you know where to look, you can find discount cigars online with a free shipping fee. Most of these cigars are even of premium brands that are sold for less. Consequently, everybody who likes to light their own cigar after a hearty meal gets to do it without having to cost an arm and leg. And while not all appreciate the smell of the tobacco smoke, here’s how you’ll be able to throw a triumphant cigar party.

Be Transparent
Before checking out discount cigars online, make sure to establish in your invites that you are having a cigar party. If possible, emphasize the words “Cigar Party” so that those who are completely against smoking will be made aware before they can make a conscious decision. Also, try not to invite multiple groups of people who don’t know each other. This can only make the whole event awkward as having small talks with strangers and men, in particular, can ignite aggression if not carefully delivered. A cigar party should always be intimate where friends can share little anecdotes and familiar conversations together while savoring the nutty and earthy notes of a fine cigar.

Match The Feast With The Cigars
Not all food works best with any cigar. In fact, there should be a specific type of food that can be enhanced with a specific cigar flavor as well. If you’re having a gourmet dinner with decadent veal chops with rosemary butter and a glass of Pinot Noir right after, you’re surely going to love the woody flavors and a pleasant toasty aroma of the Ashton Classic Magnum. If you’re having a delicious poultry feast of Chicken Piccata sautéed in butter, and quenched in an addictively piquant lemon-butter pan sauce sprinkled with salty capers, you’re going to love the luscious notes of a thick, oily sweet wood with a chewy but short finish Arturo Fuente Rothschild Natural

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