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How To Quit Smoking Using a Disposable Pod Device

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We can all agree that nicotine is addictive and generally bad for your health. But if you’re on this road for a very long time now, you’d want something that could help you reduce your nicotine cravings in style, without triggering off any negative response from people listening to you relentlessly chewing your gum. Quitting on combustible cigarettes is great for anyone who’s been given this challenge for quite some time now, and it would certainly help if you’re not causing misophonia to others or making yourself itch with the use of nicotine patches.

Better Than Gum and Patches
Vape companies have created a device that certainly helps those who are in great need of something that will relieve their nicotine cravings without the added inconvenience brought by chewing a piece of gum or a nicotine patch. Disposable pod device is a hassle-free device experienced smokers love to slowly wean themselves off of nicotine cravings. Unlike bulky vape pod systems, disposables have created a gap for those who are non-experienced vapers particularly curious about vaping who just wanted a simpler alternative.

Disposable pod devices have the upper hand over traditional nicotine replacements, for the reason being that they do not emit the same awful smoke, tar, and other harmful substances. On top of that, it’s easy to carry and user-friendly as well. You can choose to buy the ones without the nicotine content or the ones containing small amounts of nicotine enough not to shock your body towards withdrawal. They are also more cost-effective than vaping starter kits which require you to pack a few extra pods and a charger whenever you’re traveling. With disposables, you just put that right into your little pocket as nothing happened. And when you’re in the mood for a good drag, you just puff and put it right back in.

Short-Term Side Effects
Although, there are always some short-term side effects with things you haven’t gotten used to, and that includes disposable pods. You don’t need to concern yourself too much on this though as mild discomfort is nothing compared to the tremendous help disposables bring to those who have been having trouble quitting smoking. The short-term side effects of using disposables to wean yourself off of nicotine are way better than the side effects of quitting cold turkey as side effects could range from dizziness to anxiety—both not pretty if you ask us.

Makes You Smell Good
Disposable pods are also great to carry with you when you’re in a social gathering. Besides that, they look really stylish and would go with any type of clothing you wear with the added bonus of a sweet smell on you or no smell at all. Gone are the days when you get back in a room full of people smelling like tobacco, which is not a very good smell on anyone especially if it mixes with sweat.

If you’re in the market for something that could help you quit smoking, Cyclone Pods is the right place for you. Check out their supplies of disposable pod devices. You can either buy in singles or in bulk too, the choice is yours.

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