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How to Shop for Teak Veneer Sheets

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Teak, which is native to India and Southeast Asia, goes by a variety of names, including tekku, djati, jati sak, mai sak, and sagon, among others.

It has almost as many uses as names and has been widely used in shipbuilding, in aircraft carrier decks, on yachts, for carving and ornamentation, for frames, and for outdoor furniture.

And, as a hardwood, it has almost as many virtues as uses, too. Here’s what you should know about teak veneer sheets, and how to shop for them.

First, Why Teak? (And Why Wood Veneer Sheets?)
Teak is among the hardest and most durable of all hardwoods. It is extremely insect and rot-resistant. It is also very low maintenance, and, even when not finished, will maintain its sheen and beauty for many years.

With that said, while teak is fast-growing, it is relatively rare and difficult to grow; the global teak stock is also endangered.

This is one of the reasons that teak veneer sheets are a suitable alternative to solid hardwood. Veneer, made of thinly sliced hardwood, is more economical than solid hardwood, does not put such a strain on the world’s stock, and offers all of the aesthetic benefits of solid teak.

Here’s what to look for when shopping for teak veneer sheets.

Factors to Consider in Teak Veneer Sheets
If you commit to a project using teak wood veneer sheets instead of solid wood, there are a few factors to consider.

One is the backer style. Some vendors sell paper-backed veneer as well as peel-and-stick veneer that is easier to apply. As always, you must ensure ahead of time that your method of application is suitable for the substrate, as well as in the environment to which the teak will be exposed.

You should also consider the cut of the veneer. Two of the most common cuts are flat-cut and quarter-cut, also known as quarter-sawn.

Flat-cut teak has a much more variegated grain pattern, with interesting cathedrals and pleasing contrast within the grain, whereas quartersawn teak has a more demure appearance and somewhat more parallel grain orientation.

What Are the Top Uses of Teak Veneer?
Because of teak’s natural properties, it has been widely used throughout history in a wide range of unique ways.

Among these are its use on docks and on ship decks. Another unique property of teak is that it does not turn black when in contact with metal, as might happen on some boats. Since teak also naturally resists rot and insect attack, it has historically been a prime choice for marine applications.

In addition to its use in marine applications, teak veneer sheets can also be applied to interior (and exterior) furniture and used in paneling, frames, carvings, marquetry, and more.

High-Quality Teak Veneer Sheets Are Only a Few Clicks Away
If you’re looking for high-quality teak veneer sheets and panels, visit Oakwood Veneer via the previous link.

They carry a wide range of flat-cut, quartersawn, and random-planked teak veneer on top of their impressive collection of domestic and exotic wood veneer products. Oakwood Veneer also maintains a helpful database rich with information about veneer applications, FAQs, troubleshooting, tips, and more.

Visit their website before your next project or contact them at 800-426-6018 for more information.

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