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How Will Hydrolized Silk Help Repair Damaged and Frizzy Hair?

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When we talk about hair damage, it’s not limited to just split ends. In fact, it’s way beyond just that. What’s worse is if there is already existing damage as small as split ends, it could even go further if not prevented. Thing is, once the hair cuticle opens, your hair is more prone to more devastation or worse, breakage. It’s when you see dull and frizzy hair that is somehow difficult to repair but not impossible. The idea is, once you see it, do not ignore it.

There are many reasons that point to how you may have damaged your hair. Over styling, your hair is one but if you’re a regular when it comes to color treatments, heat exposure, and other chemical processing like hair rebonding and whatnot will eventually cause your hair to grow brittle and break. The damage that has been created on your hair will lessen your hair elasticity, thus, the appearance of split ends. To remedy this you can cut the part where split ends end and generously treat your hair with care. This is why there are products such as hydrolyzed silk, hair conditioners, and oils that will help you improve the texture and appearance of your hair.

We may have come across a really good hair conditioner that’s often advertised on TV, while that’s alright, still, there are numerous hair conditioner brands out there that all claim to have better ingredients in their products that could help you manage your hair. Now, that can become really daunting as you might not know which one works best from the other brands. There is also a traditional Indian science that promotes hair-oiling which claims to have regenerative powers for moisturizing hair and hair nourishment. However, over-oiling can actually result in a heavily oily scalp, worsen existing dandruff issues, and can weirdly add weight down on the strands.

This is why the best product that could solve your hair problems is to use products whose main ingredient is hydrolyzed silk. Knowing that our hair strands are made up of a protein called keratin—the damage that we may have caused to our hair might have stripped some of that. Without enough of that protein, your hair can grow dull and weak. The great thing about this is, this product came from silk protein which is the strongest natural fiber known to man. It has the ability to provide your hair with new keratin protein, finally improving your hair’s elasticity and strength.

By using hydrolyzed silk preserved with phenoxyethanol and potassium sorbate in your hair products, your hair will basically improve its softness and silkiness. It’s also known that this product makes your hair less frizzy and perfectly manageable. Get this product from Make Your Own Buzz, they also sell this product in bulk if you’re planning on making a lot of hair care products that contain this ingredient. For more information and other inquiries, you may call them at 800-359-0944

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