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Ideas for Designing Your Own Name Badges

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The way that the employees look represents the company itself. They are extensions of the company’s brand and show clients and potential clients a certain image. Because of this, companies often create a clear dress code for employees that gives off the sort of look they want for the business. This could be professional, inviting, casual, formal, etc. One particular element of a dress code that can be quite effective in presenting a certain image is a name tag. This small accessory typically worn on a jacket lapel or shirt collar, can impact not only the way clients see your employees, but also how they interact with them.

Name badges can help make clients feel more relaxed and familiar with the employees, which helps facilitate smoother interactions and relationships in the future. Suffice to say, it could be a great addition to your company dress code, and if you feel like your workplace could benefit from it, then it is a great thing to consider. If you do decide to use them, you will first have to settle on a design that works across the company for all your staff members. There are several ways you can go about designing your name badges, so we want to give you a head start in designing them with some quick tips that you can use as inspiration.

Consider Reusable Badges
Among the many types of name badges you can choose from, you may want to choose reusable ones. These badges allow you to have them designed for the particular employee, then updated when you need to change the name tag details like the name, job title, or logo. All you have to do is replace the name tag insert with a new one that you can easily print for yourself. It is an excellent cost-effective way to start using name badges for staff.

Utilize Badge Accessories
In addition to the name badges themselves, you will want to consider getting accessories to go with them. These can include the more basic items like lenscover refill packages and lanyards, but it could also be more fun and expressive elements such as badge talkers. These items can be used to add an extra message to the name tag like a season’s greeting or an indication that that employee speaks another language.

Designing your company’s name badges can be a simple process that gives you a good amount of creative freedom. It can be as simple and minimal as you want it to be, or colorful and elaborate to match your brand. Just match up the details that work best for your brand and make it all come together cohesively so that it matches with all the other branding elements of your business. You should take a look at the options available at since they provide you with so much room for customization. Their name tags and matching accessories are also consistently high-quality, so you are sure to be happy with the final outcome.

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