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Interesting Benefits of Goat’s Milk on Sensitive Skin

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Interestingly enough, there’s been an increasing number of people who have completely switched to skincare products containing goat’s milk. Because of the many unnatural phenomena that come with health risks, people have begun altering their life choices starting from the products that they have at home. Many of us have also become more conscious about the ingredients behind the intriguing product labels. If you’re wondering what’s the best alternative to regular cow’s milk, we’ll have you know that goat’s milk is surprisingly the best soap base for your soap-making recipes. Not only does it bring a lot of nourishing benefits, but it is also incredibly gentle on our skin.

The best Goat’s Milk Soap Base is typically made up of Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil which should only be sourced from certified renewable sources, Sodium Hydroxide is a saponifying agent—basically makes the rest of the ingredients become “soap”. There should also be a Vegetable Glycerine, a Sorbitan oleate that acts as an emulsifier, Colloidal Oat protein, a great moisturizer, and conditioner. On top of that, it should have Goat’s Milk, Coconut Oil, and other organic ingredients.

Goat’s Milk is also perfect for those who have really sensitive skin and have been searching for the best suitable product for them. The pH balance of the soap itself is akin to our skin, thus, it cleanses without stripping the natural balance of acidity and alkalinity of our skin while maintaining its softness and smoothness as we continue using the product. With that explained, let’s have a look at the more surprising benefits of goat’s milk soap base.

Goat’s Milk Helps Improve Dry Sensitive Skin
Some people have difficulty in choosing the most suitable product for their dry sensitive skin since most products that are manufactured by big cosmetics companies these days revolve around stripping oils and moisture on your skin.

These people suffer from extremely low water levels within the skin and they lack moisture which makes the skin supple. If they use strong products that are labeled “skin cleansers” it would completely strip off the last moisture that prevents their skin from getting dry and tight. Goat milk soaps are rich in high cholesterol and fatty acids which helps restore and rehydrate the missing fats and moisture loss.

Works on Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis
These skin conditions thrive best when the skin is dry. People with sensitive skin become prone to these skin conditions because of the harsh ingredients in the products that they use on their skin. If sudden breakouts and itchiness on skin happen, it’s high time to ditch all mainstream soap brands no matter how affordable they are. Goat’s milk contains hydroxy acids which are natural agents that remove dead skin cells, leaving you with smoother and moisturized skin.

Mainstream soap brands are typically advertised as affordable cleansers which are really within the normal wager’s budget range. However, their products are often loaded with really harsh surfactants that strip off our natural oils resulting in dry and itchy skin.

If you’re in the market for a goat’s milk soap base, visit Make Your Own Buzz to jumpstart your natural soap project today.

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