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Is the 2022 Demarini The Goods Line Actually “Good?”

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When it comes to sports, we all know full well that all manufacturers and brands like to make similar, boisterous, and unattested claims. They all enjoy stating that they are the best in the game, they are trusted by professionals across the globe, and that all of their products can “change your game significantly for the better.”

When sifting through all of these claims from this brand and that, it can be difficult to simply land on just one product that you can feel full confidence in purchasing. Honestly, it can be (and certainly feel) nearly impossible to do so.

Well, for you baseball players out there, we might have finally located one entire baseball bat line that will bring you the solace you’ve been looking for in the batter’s box: DeMarini The Goods.

What is DeMarini The Goods?
DeMarini is one brand that sticks out amongst the many, as it has been supplying some truly revolutionary baseball and softball equipment since its founding in 1989. Their relatively new baseball bat line, The Goods, has three different releases: 2020, 2021, and 2022.

All three versions are innovative and remarkable designs that DeMarini is proud of– and so are the many, many players who use them. These big-barreled (yet comfortably big), one or two-piece constructions are nothing to scoff at, as they really bring power to the plate.

The 2022 version, being the most recent, is specifically which line we’d like to investigate more closely today.

Why Are The Goods 2022 So Popular?
It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as to why this particular line of baseball bats is so popular amongst baseball players. There are multiple versions that specifically correlate with each player’s individual needs, such as BBCOR, USA, USSSA, one or two-piece constructions, varying drop weights, and more.

The 2022 version’s claim to fame, however, has to be the BBCOR amongst them all. It has an agreeable stiffness, is endloaded for ideal power, and has a tremor end cap (perfect technology for maintaining durability and barrel power). In summation, if you are a power hitter, you will certainly be pleased with this bat in the batter’s box.

Which Drop Weights Are Available?
The drop weight of a bat is the number that is calculated when subtracting the bat’s weight from its length. This is vital for figuring out your comfortability at the plate, as the greater the drop weight is, the lighter the bat is.

Both the USSSA and BBCOR versions come in drop weights of 10 and 5. For the USA versions, there is only the drop weight 10 available.

Where Can I Buy DeMarini The Goods Bats?
When you are looking to purchase one (or more!) of these bats, trust no one else other than HbSports. They have a large catalog chock full of high-quality and reliable baseball and softball gear, including the DeMarini The Goods bat line. Browse their offerings today or give them a call at 888-540-BATS for more information. Batter up!

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