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Is the Benchmade 940 the Best Benchmade Pocket Knife?

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Owners of Benchmade knives are basically brand evangelists; many who own no Benchmade knives are equally enthusiastic and saving up to get them. Benchmade may be a young company, but it has made great strides towards producing hard-use pocket knives that top the tanks for quality and dependability.

Among Benchmade’s collection, there are many contenders for the title of the “best.” Among these are the Bugout, the Griptilian, the 200 Puuko and the classic Benchmade Bushcrafter. Another entry that consistently appears in the list of the best Benchmade knives is the Benchmade 940 – but is it the best Benchmade pocket knife?

It certainly has the popularity to be called the best, but in terms of specifics, it doesn’t come up short. The Benchmade 940 has plenty of dedicated owners around the country that wouldn’t be without one.

This attractive Benchmade pocket knife is available with other carbon fiber, aluminum or G10 handle scales. Weight varies slightly, depending on scale material and blade composition; according to Benchmade’s official website, the 940 weighs between 2.44 and 2.90 ounces, depending on the model. It’s certainly a lightweight knife and perfect for EDC.

The closed length is 4.47 inches and these knives have an open length of 7.87 inches with a 3.4 inch long, 2.92mm wide blade. The blade sports what is known as a “reverse tanto” profile that has become increasingly popular in modern knife designs. Similar to a sheepsfoot profile or even a classic tanto design, it is very strong near the tip and a highly durable profile design, perfect for carving and piercing.

The Benchmade 940 is available in two different steel compositions. Discerning buyers can choose between either a CPM-S30V or a CPM-S90V steel blade. Both of these steels, produced by Crucible Particle Metallurgies, are considered high-end, premium super steels.

For its part, S30V steel is high in carbon (over 1%) as well as chromium, molybdenum and vanadium. It is tough, resistant to corrosion and can be treated to deliver high hardness values (58-60 RH) for excellent edge retention. S90V is similar in many respects to S30V, but it can be made significantly harder (59-61 RH) for superior edge retention.

Regardless of the handle material or steel you choose, this Benchmade pocket knife features a manual opening with the legendary AXIS lock mechanism. Easy to engage and disengage with one hand, yet impressively strong, the AXIS lock mechanism is one of the reasons that EDC fanatics point to Benchmade time and time again as a leader in the arena.

As far as carry is concerned, though the 940 is not MOLLE compatible, it comes with a reversible pocket clip designed for tip up carry. However, since this is a light, ergonomic design, you can also carry it comfortably, “free floating” in your pocket.
Extremely durable scale materials, a superior fit and finish, next-level engineering and super steels make the 940, like so many other Benchmade knives, as much a work of art as a reliable tool. Nonetheless, the 940, with its respectable aesthetics, simple, effective design, is one of the most popular and practical pocket knives in the current market. It might even be called the best Benchmade pocket knife.

If you want to learn more about this Benchmade folder or pick one up for yourself, check out Benchmade’s official website or visit White Mountain Knives at Their prices are reasonable and they offer free shipping on orders in the U.S. as well, not to mention their exemplary customer service. You can direct any remaining questions about this or other Benchmade knives to [email protected].

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