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Is Upgrading Your Ruger Bolt Handle Worth It?

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It’s not a surprise that rifles like the Ruger American and Precision rifles are so popular. The Ruger Precision Rifle, with its extreme levels of modularity and customizability, and the American, with its Adjustable Marksman Trigger and Power Bedding, are both platforms that deliver extraordinary value.

They are accurate, ergonomic, reliable, straightforward, and relatively affordable. There’s little question about that.

Now, for some, like competition or long-range shooters, it might make sense to upgrade the trigger. An upgraded trigger will be a more predictable trigger that enables precision adjustments that will shrink groups.

Similarly, upgrading optics, stocks, and barrels can make a huge difference in handling, fitting a platform to a shooter’s dimensions, and ultimately, in accuracy.

But what about the bolt knob? Is it really worth your time, effort, and expense to upgrade your Ruger’s bolt handle or knob? Yes, and you can improve both ergonomics, handling and cycling by doing so.

Let’s take the Ruger American Rifle as an example. The factory bolt handle is alright – but just alright.

In a word, it could be better.

The bolt knob itself is a bit slick, and to be honest, the slender bolt handle, though it is angled slightly to the rear, is hard for some shooters to access. Not everyone supinates their shooting hand to grip and cycle the bolt. That is uncomfortable, time-consuming, and fault-prone (it’s easy to miss or slip off the bolt knob).

Some shooters prefer, for example, to lift the shooting handle away from the trigger, opening and cycling the bolt with the top of the index knuckle. It’s just plain difficult to do this with the factory Ruger bolt handle.

Enter the Ruger bolt handle upgrade from Anarchy Outdoors. They offer Ruger bolt handle replacements machined from stainless steel in both glass-beaded steel and a black nitride finish that offers better permanent dry lubricity.

Their replacement bolt handles are a perfect match for both Ruger Precision and Ruger American Centerfire Rifles, and the best part is they offer a wide range of 5/16×24 TPI bolt knobs that are compatible with them.

Anarchy Outdoors’ bolt knobs are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Many of them feature vastly improved ergonomics and a deep, textured pattern. Making them easier to engage and cycle with gloves on, or even with the shooting hand’s index knuckle, as mentioned above.

So, for some, it actually does make sense to update the factory Ruger bolt handle and knob. It all has to do with your personal preferences – and it doesn’t hurt that a new bolt knob adds a little touch of personality to a rifle, either.

Their Ruger American and Ruger Precision bolt handle upgrades are tailored for perfection, strength, and durability – but a picture often says a thousand words. If you’d like to see what they have available, check out their collection of Ruger bolt handles and bolt knob upgrades at the previous links, or get in touch with them directly at 833-980-0333.

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