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Keep Your Kids Organized for School with School Labels, Clothing Labels, and More!

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As a parent, you know better than anyone just how chaotic the mornings before school can be. Everyone is running around with toothbrushes hanging out of their mouths, shoes are getting squabbled over, lunches being grabbed from the fridge in a rush (even sometimes leaving the door wide open) – in short, it can be a madhouse.

That’s why, amongst all of the goings-on, someone is bound to forget something and head off to school missing an important object. And we don’t want that, do we?

That is why organization is a parent’s best friend. When everything is kept properly labeled and organized, there are far fewer chances of items being left behind or even going missing!

In come school labels, the best options for keeping track of everything your child (or children) need for school! When you label the below items with high-quality, durable school labels and other applicable labels, your organization will be improved and stress lowered!

1.Clothes: Jackets, Uniforms, T-Shirts, and More!
It’s so common for our children to leave their jackets, coats, gloves, and other clothing items on the playground or elsewhere. Help them keep track of their various clothes items, from coats and uniforms to scarves and pants, by applying Clothing Labels! That way, they all come back home with your kids!

2.Shoes: Sports Shoes, Dance Shoes, Sneakers, and So On
Whether they are at home or at school, shoes can so often get mixed up! That’s why it’s so imperative to label all of your kids’ shoes, including sports shoes, sandals, sneakers, cleats, dance shoes, and so on. Apply durable and laundry-safe Shoe Labels so your children don’t come home with someone else’s shoes!

Don’t let your child’s backpack that’s filled with their important belongings get scooped up by another child or, worse yet, lost entirely! Label their backpacks and schoolbags with Contact Labels for safekeeping.

4.Notebooks and Folders
Help your son or daughter keep a close eye on their notebooks and folders for school! Put labels with their names on them to make sure they don’t wind up elsewhere (along with important papers and homework!).

Pencils are easily the most popular small school items to “vanish” from your child’s school belongings. You should certainly label them, too, to avoid any confusion or “vanishing”! Try these waterproof, tear-resistant, and smooth-surfaced Pencil Labels to get the job done right.

6.Pencil Cases
Speaking of easy-to-lose items, we would be remiss to not mention the importance of labeling your kids’ pencil cases! Be sure to label these, too, so that your son or daughter doesn’t misplace all their writing utensils in one shot!

If your child is required to take any medicine or has specific food allergies, be sure to add Safety Labels to various locations in their school items (after letting their teacher and school know, of course!).

8.Food Containers and Lunch Boxes
Make sure that the food your child brings to school is theirs and theirs alone during the day! Label all reusable food containers, lunch boxes, and drink containers with waterproof and dishwasher-safe name labels. For younger children, tack on Meal Time Labels to ensure your child enjoys the lunch and snacks you prepared for them!

Where to Purchase the Best Labels for School
Not just any labels will do the trick, as so many are of subpar quality and could fall off easily. They’re simply unreliable and that won’t cut it. That is why you should only choose Sticky Monkey Labels for all your labeling needs!

Sticky Monkey Labels is a mom-owned business, so they know a thing or two about the necessities of good labels! Their labels, including school labels, are highly durable and have an abundance of options and applications, from shirts and coats to pencils and erasers!

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