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Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier With a 5-Ton Heat Pump Package Unit

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Whether you’re installing a heat pump package unit in your home or business spaces, keep in mind that it cools significantly large areas at a very small slice of the cost of traditional units. A three-ton unit is enough to cool most homes, but what if you get a 5 ton heat pump package unit? We’re talking warehouse or showroom spaces, suitable for this single HVAC unit to cool or heat the space effectively. If your old unit is out of commission and you badly need a new one for the next season, equip your home or business with a heat pump package unit that not only helps you save significantly on electric bills but also one that is environmentally friendly.

Make The Change
Budget Air Supply knows that the compressor is the most crucial part of any heat pump or air conditioner unit. Most 5 ton heat pump package unit today has fully charged R410A system, viewed safer for the environment as opposed to the older types of refrigerants. This new refrigerant is replacing the old R22, a hydrochlorofluorocarbon, that is present in your old HVAC units, which was commonly used prior to the development of chlorine-free R410a. In cases of leakage, R22 causes ozone depletion, still commonly used especially in old heat pump units. R410a is more effective in absorbing and releasing heat making it more energy-efficient compared to its older brother R22.

Simplified Maintenance
Whether it is installed for commercial or residential buildings, a 5 ton heat pump package unit is a standalone, altogether heating and air conditioning system that qualifies for simplified maintenance. With everything all in one housing, maintenance has become faster and simpler. This is also great for when you want a minimalist house set up because then you would save a sizable amount of space as opposed to non-packaged units that take up valuable spaces n your living room.

Shop with Budget Air Supply
It’s better to choose which HVAC package unit you want in one place, for whichever space you’re planning to have installed, whether for your house or business space. With Budget Air Supply, you are most definitely covered by a price match guarantee, which could make you worry less about the price tag difference.

Plus, free shipping! That’s right.
Generally, shipping fees for products as hefty as a heating and/or cooling unit are worth half the amount of the item you purchased. With Budget Air Supply, you get to save that shipping budget for another item if you want.

It’s really annoying if the store you are looking to purchase an item from doesn’t answer your emails or calls. Budget Air Supply has a dedicated customer service team that will answer all your queries and would go above and beyond to offer you the customer service satisfaction you need.

Also, Budget Air Supply doesn’t just sell you a product and leave it at your doorstep, they actually help you with the installation

Are you waiting for the next winter? Quit dawdling and make the move! Check out their website,, or call them at 855-473-6484.

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