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Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly to Boost Revenue

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In recent times, mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches, and the trend is likely to stay. Meaning, your prospective customers might be looking for your services right now on their mobile devices.

Mobile optimization and incorporating voice search in your digital marketing and SEO strategy can help you score those leads. Make your future successes a sure thing with expert SEO services Alberta. Here’s how:

Voice SEO
Voice search is on the rise, mirroring the increase in mobile usage. Voice queries need no typing to input a query, which means users are free to attend to other tasks while they ask Google their questions.

They use smartphones, tablets, home assistant devices, smart home systems, etc. Currently, only 38% of businesses in Alberta are using mobile-optimized content. By improving mobile SEO with voice search, you can future-proof your online marketing strategy.

Page Load Speed
Around 53% of website visits stay abandoned because of slow loading pages. As mentioned above, users on the go have multiple tasks to attend to, and they don’t wait around for your content to be displayed after 3 seconds.

Using Google’s mobile speed test, you can identify the relevant issues and fix them, including:

• Compressing large-sized images

• Using caching to serve pages faster

• Leveraging technical SEO

• Modifying code to reduce the page request numbers

Bounce Rate
Even if the pages load quickly, a lack of engaging content can make the visitors lose their interest, and they can click the ‘back” button. Typically, the bounce rates for the mobile site can be higher than the desktop version because of the reasons discussed earlier.

Some of the suggested fixes are including clear calls to action, email subscription boxes, unique and refreshing content, contact forms, etc. Ask your web designer to resize specific elements according to each device so as to ensure responsiveness and a great browsing experience.

Seamless UX
People switch between their connected devices and expect to pick up where they left off on any device. Especially when conducting online research to buy products, they prefer a consistent experience regardless of which device they use to make a purchase.

Hence, having a cut-down version of the main desktop website is one of the things of the past. Besides, with the advent of pop-up blockers, users can choose what they want to see and can skip your ads. So, promotions of your offers, coupons, webinars, and other mobile marketing campaigns should not annoy the visitors.

Working with a provider of SEO services Alberta and web designers can help you analyze users’ behavioural triggers and use device-specific display rules. You can see increased conversions of visitors into subscribers and paying customers.

SEO Content
Mobile content optimization is one of the three top page ranking factors from Google. Assuming that people stay on the site, presenting the content to suit the smaller-screened devices should be your top priority.

For instance, an excellent content strategy utilizes the creation of concise titles, headers, and meta descriptions, without compromising on the information quality.

Optimize for local search so that people near you looking for your services can discover you quickly. Include your address, business timings, branches, contact information, and other essential details in the metadata.

Understand how LSI and long-tail keywords work and add them to your content. Publish well-researched and in-depth content with authoritative link building to increase your site’s relevance as a trusted resource.

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