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Men’s Banded Collar Shirts And Their Role Outside Of The Church

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The style of clerical attire varies between traditions and denominations. However, one element that remains consistent is the white-banded collar. It symbolizes the pastor or minister´s special role within his community and makes him stand out from the rest of his congregation as a spiritual leader.

In other words, banded collar shirts provide the visual calling card of the clergy, and have a lot of symbolism attached to it. The color represents the purity and forgiveness of sins, and the tab always surrounds the minister’s throat as a reminder that he is responsible for spreading the word of god, and the good news of forgiveness due to the sacrifice of our savior.

But must the white tab be used only during services?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. However, wearing the collar throughout the week and in social gatherings outside the church is a potent evangelistic tool. It not only reminds congregants that being a man of the cloth is a perpetual role. It also shows that God is always ready to listen to us no matter where we are, and multiplies the opportunities to speak about Jesus and our mission on earth, even with people who are not part of our congregation.

Many of those occupying the pews, especially those who are new to the flock, feel more comfortable approaching their pastor after the service, or even during weekdays where they feel they can get closer and open their hearts to a man of God.

However, pastors and ministers must maintain cleanliness and professionalism when representing their call. To make sure your white tab and collar are immaculate during a busy week of spreading the gospel and engaging with your community, the best solution is to always have a variety of comfortable and durable collar shirts. DivinityClergyWear.com offers a wide collection of men’s banded collar shirts in different styles and colors. From sober tones that showcase your dedication to your faith during services and events, to joyous colors that celebrate the gift of life and remind your community that it is God’s will for all of us to be happy.

At DivinityClergyWear.com, all men’s banded collar shirts are made of high-quality 65/35 poly/cotton blend for maximum comfort, and a double-sided Clericool poly-Viscose collar that is easy to maintain impeccably white. They offer formal collared shirts, as well as several styles like embroidered, and banded french cuff clergy shirts.

Having a wider array of collared shirts means having more opportunities to bond with your community in a more approachable way while reminding your congregants and community that God is always with them.

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Psalm 68:11

To learn more about their products please visit DivinityClergyWear.com or reach out to them at 877-453-3535. Of course, you can always take some time and visit their showroom in Hamilton, New Jersey.

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