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Mistakes to avoid in your bathroom remodeling project

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You may be highly enthusiastic about your bathroom remodeling project. Bathroom remodeling Austin is a great chance for you to enhance the looks, convenience and amenities of your bathroom besides rectifying some mistakes that are robbing its aesthetics and functionality. Finally when it comes to planning and executing your bathroom remodeling project, it is necessary that you avoid these basic mistakes to get the most out of your project. So, here are a few common mistakes toa void in your bathroom remodeling project.  

Lack of ventilation

Lack of ventilation is a serious mistake you must avoid in your bathroom. Natural light has therapeutic properties and you must take advantage of it. To the best extent possible, include an outside window for the bathroom. If this is out of question in your bathroom setting, install a skylight to solve the issue and supply enough light and air inside your bathroom.

Spending more than necessary

Spending more than necessary is a very common mistake most homeowners do while remodeling their bathroom due to a blind enthusiasm. Be realistic with regard to your expectation and get multiple quotations from different bathroom remodeling contractors. Add extra 20% to the most favorable quote and deem this as the best allocation for your bathroom remodeling project. By allocating slightly more than what you will have to spend, you will guard yourself from overspending.  

Prioritizing style over functionality

Though a great looking bathroom is always our cherished objective, it is important to know how it works. Remember that it is always possible to club your objectives with regard to looks and functionality with a proper planning. You must understand that it is tough to fall in love with a bathroom that falls short of your needs. Therefore, ensure your planning takes care of functionality as well as style. 

Lack of preparation

Bathroom remodeling is not an everyday job. It is a significant investment and it is important that you do enough homework and planning to make sure that it remains lovable for decades after remodeling. Consulting a good bathroom remodeling contractor will help achieve the best results while planning. This will also include the calculation of sizes. For instance, you must take into account the depth of bathroom tiles while planning for a shower valve.

Assuming that bigger is always better

Understand that bigger is not always better. If your aim is to beautify a big size bathroom or to design a small en-suite, the most important aspect to consider is that the bathroom must do what it is expected to. For example, a luxury freestanding bath and the best in class walk in shower will be a mere waste if they do not function well.

Installing a shower of bathtub with a drain in the wrong place

This is perhaps a very expensive mistake that happens commonly in bathroom remodeling. The main reason for this to happen is that the water drainage does not line up with the plumbing line in the bathroom floor. Remember that improper drainage in the bathroom can lead to bad odor. Before installation, measure these amenities properly considering the position of their drains.

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