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Pipe Threading with Carbide Thread Mill NPT Cutters

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When it comes to connecting two metal components, threading is essential. This is especially true when dealing with pipes where the transfer of liquids and gases need to be as leak free as possible. In order to ensure that pipes are able to be as effective as possible, the national pipe thread or NPT standards were introduced. Well made threads will help to seal themselves so fluids can be transported with little risk of leaks. In terms of cutting threads, using carbide thread mill NPT cutting tools can be an extremely efficient way to produce accurate threads in seconds.

Historically, tap and die systems have been used to cut threads. These tools are designed to manually cut threads, though automated options are also available. One of the biggest issues with these tools is the time it takes to cut threads. The design of tap and die tools can also make it difficult to break chips as the threads are cut, potentially creating jams in your tools. These issues are why thread milling is such a great option.

Thread milling takes advantage of the speed and accuracy of computer numerical control milling machines. One of the biggest advantages to using these tools is speed. A full form carbide thread mill NPT cutting tool has several cutting points along the length of the tool’s body. These cutting points make it possible to cut an entire threaded surface in seconds.

All you have to do to use a thread mill is make a single 360 degree pass around the surface that needs to be threaded. During this process, the tool is dropped by the distance of a single thread pitch. This means that each point on the cutting tool’s surface terminates its cut where the point above it began cutting. These tools can be used to cut either left or right handed internal or external threads. Because of the design of these tools, each full form cutter can only create threads with a single pitch size. Despite this fact, it is hard to beat the convenience of cutting an entire threaded surface in seconds.

When it comes to choosing thread mills, tools constructed from solid carbide should always be first on your list. Carbide tools are more rigid, which means that they will produce more accurate threads. The cutting power of these tools is derived from their ceramic content, which means that they offer superior edge retention and heat resistance compared to tools constructed from stainless steel alloys.

If you are looking for reliable solid carbide thread mill NPT cutters, you need to visit www.onlinecarbide.com. They special in manufacturing solid carbide end mills and drill bits. Their thread mills are second to none and are precision ground using advanced 5 axis grinding machines. If you have any questions about their tools or you are interested in having cutters custom made for your shop, you can reach out to a member of the Online Carbide team by sending an email to [email protected].

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