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Pistol Braces: A [Very] Short Overview

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Don’t fall prey to all the misinformation that’s floating out there regarding pistol braces. While they have come under fire and the ATF may weigh considerations that might restrict them, they were not designed with some dark ulterior motives in mind.

Pistol braces were not developed as a subversive aid to facilitate nefarious one-handed shooting. In fact, the original purpose of the first pistol braces (also known as stabilizers) was actually to assist shooters with disabilities. Imagine that.

Today, these stabilizers are popular because they do stabilize one-handed shooting. That said, there are a number of reasons that they’ve maintained their popularity, which will be explored below.

Extra Stability
While a pistol brace does not afford the same level of stability that a shoulder stock does (as stocks are designed to be fired from the shoulder and braces and stabilizers are not) the extra stability afforded by the brace is, to some recreational shooters, a godsend.

They are still designed and intended to be fired single-handedly, as opposed to fired from the shoulder with a stock, but they significantly improve stability nonetheless.

A brace dramatically improves stability, which can be a bonus to smaller framed shooters and those with less experience, especially if they’re still getting used to the recoil produced by hot loads like the .357 Magnum or the .40 S&W.

That extra stability can help shrink groups at the range, which offers another unique benefit – confidence.

Developing Confidence
Developing confidence with your handgun is vital to its effective use, whether you use it for competition, home defense, or even hunting. Now, granted, the use of pistol stabilizers is largely circumscribed for the purposes of hunting or target shooting, but training with a brace can help a shooter develop confidence that will translate over into those other areas.

It’s also possible that a stabilizer or brace can help a shooter overcome a common problem known as limp-wristing, in which the firearm fails to cycle due to inadequate, improper handling.

If for no other reason, the brace helps a shooter develop greater confidence in handling and firing his or her pistol, that’s a bonus for everyone. It equates to better, safer, responsible handling, and of course, to improved performance at the range.

Expanding the Utility of Your Handgun
There’s one more reason to use a brace that nearly anyone can appreciate, and it has to do with expandability. For better or worse, most handguns are not that modular and few have any space for accessories. If you’re lucky, the top of the frame or slide will have a small section of rail space. Some others have short segments of rail under or in front of the trigger guard, but for the most part, adding attachments to a handgun remains a custom job.

A brace can change all that. Some modern, skeletonized pistol braces contain M-LOK slots along the sides or at the front that enable easy, painless mounting of accessories. Expanding a handgun has now become a matter of selecting and mounting a light, laser, or optic, as opposed to a length, expensive trip to a gunsmith.

Pistol stabilizing braces can easily be customized according to your vision with the shooting accessories they have room for – it’s as simple as that.

Pistol Braces at Great Prices
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