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Porch Swing Beds and Relaxation: Will You Actually Sleep Better in One?

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Hammock supporters are usually pretty vocal about their love of relaxing aloft. To be fair, there are some merits to their claims of the primacy of hammocks.

For camping purposes, hammocks keep you off the ground, so when you’re properly insulated, they can protect you against hypothermia. Moreover, they can protect you against pests, too.

But the real benefit of hammocks, according to their fans, is that you sleep much better in them. According to them, there’s no sleep like sleeping in a hammock.

They claim that the gentle swaying offers a more relaxing sleep. But is there truth behind this? What does the science say? Let’s take a look.

On the Theory of Better Sleep in a Hammock (or a Porch Swing Bed)
Apparently, these claims that hammocks help you sleep (and potentially improve the quality of sleep) have some scientific merit. A relatively recent study shows they may actually help you sleep.

A 2011 study has in part confirmed this, and it has to do with the gentle rocking motion induced by a hammock, similar to what occurs in a rocking chair, on a boat, or when rocking a baby to sleep.

The study tracked the sleep patterns of 12 participants who were monitored via an EEG (electroencephalogram) during 45-minute naps in a bed, which was alternatively rocked and held stationary.

Arguably the most important finding was that the participants fell asleep more quickly when the bed was rocking than when it was still. But the rocking motion also changed the quality of their sleep.

The participants not only experienced a faster transition to sleep, but also an increased duration of REM sleep. Participants also reported that they experienced more restful sleep in the rocking beds.

But the reason for this? According to the study, the rocking motion encourages brain waves known as “sleep spindles” that facilitate deep sleep and memory formation. The gentle rocking motion, evidently, increased slow brain wave oscillations associated with these.

So the science says: yes, sleeping in a rocking hammock actually does make you sleep better.

Discover Porch Swing Beds That Exhibit Superior Quality
If your interest in hammocks has to do with better sleep rather than portability, consider adding a porch swing bed to your home. They are more permanent, will add a polished slant to your home’s decor, and can confer the benefits of a gentle rocking motion unto sleep.

But if you are going to get a porch swing bed for either your indoor or outdoor living space, invest in quality with a hanging bed or patio swing from Four Oak Bed Swings.

All of their bed swings are made by hand using Southern Yellow Pine and joints are fixed using a glue that is actually stronger than the wood itself.

Then, their bed swings are finished with a minimum of 3-coats of high-quality, commercial-grade outdoor varnish to protect them against the elements.

Four Oak’s swings and daybeds are also available in a wide range of colors to suit your setting, come with 1” manila ropes for hanging and can be purchased with outdoor cushions, too.

Discover the difference online at FourOakBedSwings.com and get in touch with them at 334-202-2870 if you have any questions.

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