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Professional Dentistry FAQs: Dentsply Sirona Panoramic X-rays Machines

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Sirona is synonymous with delivering high-quality, dependable dental X-ray machines and other products for dental professionals. Dental practices that own Sirona dental equipment know that it is one of the best, most reliable, and easiest-to-use brands you can buy.

Today, we’re going to address the top questions doctors ask when considering a Sirona panoramic X-Ray machine for their practice.

Why Sirona?

Before buying a panoramic X-ray machine, it’s a good idea to do your research on popular manufacturers. When doctors have had a good experience with a brand, it’s a good sign you’re choosing to invest in a quality machine.

If you’re considering Dentsply Sirona for your next panoramic X-ray purchase, you’re looking at a brand that is well-known for its ease of use and powerful integration. From the ergonomic X-ray design to the simple, intuitive image programming interface, Sirona X-ray systems are easy to learn and use.

Plus, Sirona has existed as a company since 1997. In 2016, it merged with Dentsply to provide an even higher quality of equipment and service to dentists. When you purchase a Sirona X-ray machine, you benefit from decades of combined experience of these two leaders in the dental equipment industry.

How is a Sirona Panoramic Used?

The way you intend to use your new equipment to diagnose and treat the oral health concerns of your patients is likely a top concern when it comes to investing in X-ray machines. For example, are you a general dentist who uses X-ray equipment primarily to detect tooth decay? Perhaps you are an oral surgeon who works with patients receiving dental implants. In either case, Sirona offers a full range of X-ray equipment that can help make your job easier and help you take better care of your patients.

What Sirona Panoramic Options & Models Are Available?

Sirona X-ray machines, from 2D panoramic and pan/ceph to 3D CBCT, are designed to bring you the greatest versatility for clinical applications. You need a system that will serve your needs long-term, without including features you won’t need but pay for.

To help best serve doctors across the country, Sirona developed several 2D panoramic models to meet a wide range of clinical needs. Choosing the right Sirona pano for you will require some knowledge and research on the different panoramic options available. Plus, many Sirona models are upgradeable, meaning they can be outfitted with a ceph arm or 3D cone beam sensor in the future.

Below are a few of the available Sirona panoramic models you can find online:

  • Sirona Orthophos E / Orthophos XG5: features up to 11 panoramic X-ray programs, including: standard, orthoradial left, orthoradial right, constant magnification, and lateral TMJ views. Advanced programs include pediatric, thick anterior slices, sinus, and posterior multi-slices.
  • Sirona Orthophos S / Orthophos XG 3D Ready: features standard, 1.25 magnified, orthoradial left/right, sinus, and lateral TMJ.

Will A Sirona Panoramic Integrate into My Software?

Two-dimensional panoramic and cephalometric images from a Sirona dental X-ray machine are easily integrated into most leading dental imaging software applications by using a TWAIN interface or driver. TWAIN is a global compatibility standard that allows a software application to acquire and capture digital images from compatible devices. Each equipment manufacturer, including Sirona, provides TWAIN drivers for all of its dental X-ray machines.

If your Imaging software has a TWAIN acquisition module, then all you need to do is download and install the compatible Sirona TWAIN driver and you can access the Sirona capture and image management tools within your dental imaging software platform. There, you can use settings, filters, annotations, and other features to manage, store, and share the Sirona 2D panoramic/cephalometric images.

Common dental imaging software with TWAIN compatibility includes CS imaging software, Dolphin imaging, VixWin, Romexis, XDR, Eaglesoft, Apteryx, Cliniview, and more. We recommend contacting your imaging software manufacturer to determine if it includes TWAIN integration.

Where Can I Buy a Sirona Panoramic X-Ray Machine?

Sirona X-ray machines and CBCT systems are available new through Dentsply Sirona dealers.

If you’re shopping for a Sirona panoramic machine, or just researching panos, consider a purchase from the leaders in certified pre-owned dental imaging, Renew Digital. They’ve helped thousands of dental practices save 30-50% off their purchase. Plus, they have a wide selection of panoramic, pan/ceph, and CBCT to choose from.

For added value, any X-ray or CBCT purchase from Renew Digital includes professional installation and on-site training. Once you start using it, you’ll have unlimited access to their customer service Help Desk as well as their full parts replacement and onsite labor warranty.

For more information and to find the right machine for you, please contact them today by calling (888) 246-5611. They’ll be happy to discuss your practice’s current and future imaging needs to help you find the best used dental equipment for your practice.

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