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Provide Better Drinking Water for Your Pet with an Everpure H54 Drinking Water System

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Your pets are part of the family – that’s something you either understand first hand, or you don’t, it can’t be taught, only experienced. This is why so many doting pet parents put their fur babies on special diets, let them sleep inside, even in their beds, and buy the choicest of treats.

The same principles of direction can be applied to water quality, and in recent years the quality of domestic drinking water has come into sharp focus. Issues associated with lead, chlorine, microbial cysts and a wide range of other contaminants can adversely affect the quality of drinking water and even cause disease.

In other words, if you wouldn’t let your kids drink it, why would you let your pets drink it? They have sensitive tastes, and a quality water filtration system like an Everpure H54 Drinking Water System can help ensure that your pets get nothing but the best.

Pets Have Sensitive Tastes!
Believe it or not, pets have pretty delicate tastes, and they’ll notice when something’s off. Just like you, they want the best quality and best experience when their thirst rises. You may have noticed, for example, that dogs have a habit of drinking from toilets.

While it might seem gross to us, there’s a very practical reason that dogs seek out these forbidden springs. First, they have no concept of the fact that we use them for reference, so they deserve a pass for that. The fact that the water is constantly flushed and oxygenated, as well as stored in a capacious porcelain receptacle means it stays cooler longer. It’s often much cooler, and probably better tasting (from the dog’s perspective) than the warm, stagnant water that may be in their bowl.

There’s another reason that dogs seek out toilets and drink out of them. It’s because toilet water, which remains exposed to the air for a while, often allows all of its chlorine content to dissipate and evaporate. Since chlorine is distasteful to dogs, toilet water is often apparently more preferable.

However, as you probably already knew, even accounting for all of these explanations, allowing your pet to drink out of the toilet can be hazardous to health. Luckily, there’s a better way to keep your pup happy than to allow toilet-drinking to go unchecked.

How an Everpure H54 Drinking Water System Can Help
An Everpure water filtration system, such as an Everpure H54 Drinking Water System, can help remove the chlorine that your dog finds so distasteful, along with many other contaminants.

This system is specific if effective at removing not only chlorine but also lead, oxidized iron and manganese as well as dirt and other particulate matter. As it’s effective at removing particulate matter down to 1/50,000th of an inch, they can also remove parasitic cysts as well.

If it’s not good enough for you, it shouldn’t be good enough for your dog, and an Everpure H54 Water Filtration System can remove many of the common contaminants that present domestic hazards. For more information regarding the specifics of this and other Everpure Water Filtration Systems, please visit or contact their customer service team at [email protected].

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