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Provide Your Pet with Better Quality Drinking Water with an Everpure H300 Water Filter System

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We know what you’re thinking: this is just some groundless, baseless sales pitch about how a water filter system can provide your family, specifically your pet, with better quality drinking water. But it’s not. We have a very real, very specific single reason that an Everpure H300 Water Filter System can provide your pet with better quality drinking water. It just so happens that you and the rest of your family will profit as a result.

So you have a dog at home. Naturally, you need to keep your pet hydrated, just as you need to keep the rest of your family hydrated. Some pet owners use special water dispensing units, but most pet owners provide the classic arrangement – a set of two bowls, one of which contains water.

Here’s where the issue arises. Even when you replace the water in your pet’s bowl every day – as well you should – or multiple times per day, have you ever noticed that your pup seems to seek other water sources? It’s a common enough occurrence to warrant some attention.

A stereotype has arisen around the dog heading to the bathroom and trying to get a drink out of the water that’s standing in the toilet bowl. To us, that seems disgusting, but the dog has no concept of why it should be. They’re only after what they believe to be cooler, fresher drinking water. And, as gross as it may seem, they have a few points.

One is that the porcelain in the toilet bowl helps draw heat out of the water, making the water in the bowl typically cooler than the water that might typically have been standing in the dog’s bowl. It’s also likely to be cooler if the toilet has been recently flushed.

But there’s something else. Water that has been standing in the toilet bowl – that is, not recently flushed – will be lower in chlorine concentration than freshly delivered water. That’s right; the water that’s fresh from your tap is high in chlorine whereas the water that’s been standing in the toilet bowl is not. All the chlorine has or will have evaporated from it, and dogs notice that. Chlorine doesn’t taste good to them, and they’re especially sensitive to it.

So, from the dog’s perspective, hitting the toilet bowl bar for a drink actually makes a lot of sense. The water is likely to be cooler and taste fresher to the dog. To us, however, the drawbacks are a bit more glaring. We all know what toilet bowls are used for, and even the most sterile among them is likely to harbor unsavory pathogens. In other words, you don’t want to let your dog drink from the toilet.

But you probably didn’t need to be told that. However, know that you have a better understanding of why they do it, you can rectify the issue with a water filtration system that delivers fresh, cool, and from the dog’s perspective, better-tasting, water.

An Everpure H300 Water Filter System, specifically, is NSF tested and certified to remove chlorine from drinking water. Automatically, that’s likely to appeal to pets’ senses of taste. But water systems that take Everpure H-300 replacement cartridges will deliver added value to your family.

In addition to removing chlorine, tastes, and odors from drinking water, the H300 water filter, with its 1/2 micron rating, is capable of removing lead, oxidized iron and manganese, certain parasitic cysts, VOCs, and more from your drinking water. It can also help alleviate turbidity and is capable of filtering out particles down to 1/50,000th of an inch.

Compact, effective, and affordable, an H300 Water Filter System is just one effective way to keep your pet from drinking from the toilet. To learn more about this filtration system or about its specifications, please visit or contact their team directly at [email protected].

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