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Shop For The Trendiest Eco-Friendly Swimwear This Summer

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Still looking for that perfect summer swimsuit? Finding one that not only looks cute but that is ethically made can be quite a challenge, especially if you are waiting until this late in the season.

How important is eco-friendly swimwear and where can you find pieces that are on-trend and well-made? Everything you need to know is right here in this guide!

Quality Swimwear That’s Made With the Environment in Mind
The trouble with swimwear is that it often involves fast fashion practices that aren’t exactly in line with environmental ethics. Compared to most kinds of clothing on the market, bathing suits tend to follow noticeable trends that are entirely seasonal, which encourages new purchases every year.

This often means last year’s swimsuits are a no-go if you want to look stylish while you’re enjoying your time poolside or having fun on the beach. Unfortunately, many old swimsuits wind up in landfills, and because most are made with synthetic materials, they don’t break down like organic materials would.

The constant demand for these swimwear pieces also contributes to the ongoing sustainability crisis in the fashion industry as well. When there is such a high consumer demand,companies that aren’t concerned with environmentalism aren’t thinking about ways to save the planet, they are thinking about turning a profit. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it does make it hard to find quality swimwear for those of us who are eco-conscious and want to contribute to a more ethical industry.

While many popular brands aren’t exploring sustainable options, this is all the more reason to look into smaller brands that are. In fact, many ethical clothing brands are making incredible strides when it comes to mitigating the effects of fast fashion and providing us with sustainable alternatives that are on-trend as well.

While the importance of the green clothing movement encompasses everything from activewear to dresses, it’s in the world of swimwear where it could truly make a massive difference. Due to the nature of swimwear and how many handy organic materials such as 100% cotton and bamboo don’t make for good swimsuits, viable synthetics must be utilized.

Many of these eco-friendly swimwear brands are using renewable materials and upcycled fabrics in order to craft luxury-quality bathing suits that are exactly what you need if you are a conscious consumer looking for something chic to wear on the beach this summer.

The Best Place Online to Shop For Eco-Friendly Swimwear
While it can be somewhat of a pain looking for sustainably-made swimwear through traditional channels and at big box stores, there’s one place you can shop online that makes finding such clothing items a breeze.

At ourCommonplace, you will find a wide selection of cute ethical swimwear pieces crafted by brands that are really trying to forge a new path within the industry. Using cutting edge and high-quality fabrics like ECONYL that is made from regenerated nylon, these swimsuits are the perfect choice this summer if you want to look and feel your best!

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