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Sizing a Concealed Carry Jacket

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If you carry via the aid of a concealed carry jacket, it is essential that it does not restrict your range of movement, supports your weapon without printing, and enables easy, rapid access when you need it, at a moment’s notice.

It’s also nice if the jacket is comfortable through three months of the year, and goes with the rest of your wardrobe.

You know what else is important, critical, even? Sizing. Here’s what you need to know about it.

How to Size a Concealed Carry Jacket

One of the main things to consider about a concealed carry jacket is that the primary function is to enable easy access to your PDW, not necessarily to keep you warm.

As a result, it needs to be sized appropriately so that you can layer underneath it, if need be. You can’t effectively layer over a jacket for concealed carry because doing so would potentially limit access to your weapon.

So, it might help to buy a half size up so you’ll have room for layering, but don’t get a jacket that’s too large because if you’re not wearing an additional layer for warmth underneath it, it might sag where you carry.

Another thing you should consider is buying a jacket that’s a few inches longer than what you’d normally wear.

If you have the option, try the jacket on in a shop before buying. Make sure it fits comfortably and is not too baggy, and that you can easily access where you’d be carrying your weapon.

Remember also these basic maxims for sizing a jacket for concealed carry: if the jacket is too snug it will likely print and if it is too loose fabric and folds may get in your way if you ever need to draw, so look for a middle of a road fit, all else considered.

Other Nice Features to Have

While it’s important to get a concealed carry jacket that fits well, there are other features and traits that can also benefit the design of such a jacket.

While shopping, you might also consider looking for:

  • A jacket that’s made with a durable outer shell that’s both comfortable and protective. Water resistance or waterproofing are also valuable traits.

  • For some users, reflective tape/seams may be valuable, depending on your line of work or where you expect to wear the jacket.

  • If you intend to wear the jacket through colder months, some level of insulation is valuable.

  • Several internal pockets for storing your ID, phone, keys, and other personal essentials. Zippered pockets are ideal because they help prevent you from losing anything.

  • Underarm areas with vents or zippers to aid in breathability on warmer days.

  • You might also prefer a jacket with a hood that offers a little more protection in particularly inclement weather.

If you can find a jacket that offers all of these features and benefits, you’ll be better served throughout all months of the year and better prepared for a broader range of potentially changing weather conditions.

Where Can You Get a Concealed Carry Jacket Online

Don’t have a place near you where you can shop for concealed carry jackets in person? That’s no big deal, check out the collection that Fatigues Army Navy offers online via the previous link.

They carry a wide range of jackets in various cuts, sizes, designs, and colorways, as well as a wide variety of clothing and other essentials for outdoor sports. Take a look at their collection and if you have any questions get in touch with them at 877-612-1253. They’ll help you find the jacket that’s right for you.

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