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Speeding Up Your Reloads with Your Glock

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Competition shooting sports often involve time as a scoring component. This means the faster you can charge the weapon, acquire the target, and place an accurate shot, the more favorably you will perform.

It also makes the speed of your reload critical. While dropping a mag and loading a new one are fundamental and simple skills, doing so fluidly, quickly, and accurately, can shave milliseconds of your time when seconds count.

Practice and proper form are the two most important elements of a smooth, successful, and quick reload. Here are some pointers.

Carry Your Mags Oriented Wisely

Wherever you carry your mags, orient them so that the base plates are facing up and the bullets are facing outward. Drill so that you don’t have to turn the mag around when reloading. This saves time and helps eliminate fumbling.

Grab the Mag the Right Way

Probably the most important aspect of a quick reload is this: don’t just grab the mag by the base and attempt to guide the mag up into the gun with all your fingers bunched up around the base plate.

Instead, grab the mag with your palm on the base plate, with your index finger laying up along the leading edge of the mag, resting either on the nose of the first bullet or just under it.

Bring the Gun Close to Your Body

With your shooting hand, bring your Glock close to your body as you bring the mag towards it, so that both arms have to travel a minimum of distance. Bringing the gun closer to your body will also give you more control over the reload.

Guide the Mag into the Mag Chute

Using your index finger as a guide, point the magazine up and into the chute to start the reload.

Give It a Good Rap to Slam It Home

With the mag started into the chute, withdraw your index finger (your palm should be resting on the base plate of the mag) and give it a good, firm rap to drive it home so that it engages the mag catch properly.

What Else Can You Do?

In addition to drilling, there are a few other things you can do that might help you speed up your reloads with your Glock.

Break in the Mag

New gun mags can be a lot like new boots. Stiff, uncomfortable, and generally, not amenable. The solution is to break them in – do this by charging an unloaded mag several times and dropping it until you break in the fitment between the mag catch/release and the magazine.

Or, you could just shoot through the mag and use it organically at the range. After a few tens of cycles, the mag will likely charge, feed, and drop more smoothly.

Install a Glock Magwell Upgrade

You might also consider installing a new Glock magwell in your pistol. A magwell is sort of a flared attachment that widens the base of the mag chute, serving as a funnel to guide the mag up into the gun.

Good ones are not hard to come by. Check out the link above for high-quality, 7075 aluminum Glock magwells that offer precision fit (with compatible models) and secure via a simple set screw, that also happen to be fairly competitively priced.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As helpful as the pointers here may prove, there is no secret but practice. You have to drill to get better. No upgrade or tip is a magic touch that will make you better until you commit to improvements at the range – so get out there.

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