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Styling with a Sterling Silver Therapeutic Magnetic Bracelet

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“Styling,” and “therapeutic magnetic bracelets”: bet you never thought you’d see those two terms in the same sentence.

Well, here they are, and with the sterling silver therapeutic magnetic bracelets available from industry leader Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics, it’s hardly a surprise.

The precious metal designs of the magnetic therapy bracelets of Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics are first in class not only for pain relief through improved circulation; they also make use of the finest materials and precious stones, including sterling silver, gold, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other precious stones.

In other words, their designs pair form and function beautifully – giving you the flexibility to consider fashion.

Their sterling silver magnetic bracelets, being entirely unique designs offer their wearers a lot of flexibility and discretion with design and style. Here’s what we have to say.

General Tips for Silver
While gold is an eternally popular, timeless precious metal, silver is highly versatile.

Silver tends to pair well with muted and cooler colors. For instance, silver pairs wonderfully with blacks, whites, and neutrals, as well as cool blues, and some cooler, darker greens.

Silver also pairs beautifully with other silver-tone accents. Think studs or hardware on a belt, chrome trim on sunglasses, other silver jewelry, or even the bright eyelets of a pair of dress shoes or Chelsea boots. They all work.

Silver, also, fortunately, pairs impressively well with gold. They are natural mates.

So, how can you actually pair up a sterling silver therapy bracelet? Here are some top ideas.

Style Ideas for a Sterling Silver Therapeutic Magnetic Bracelet
If you’re interested in a sterling silver therapeutic magnetic bracelet, here are some tops ways to pair, mix and match.

Add other silver jewelry: There is some old adage somewhere that says not to pair silver with silver jewelry because it conflicts. We’re not sure where that came from because it’s just patently not true. Pair your silver bracelet with a silver necklace or earrings if you like. It will create harmony, not conflict.

Match the hardware on the shades, handbag, or belt: Other designer accessories often have “brightworks” or hardware that are polished and shiny, often in gold or silver tone. If you’re going to be wearing a belt or carrying a bag, consider choosing one that has complementary silver accents. The same goes for your shades; or, if you’re feeling really expressive, wair a pair of shades with mirror-silver lenses to place the accent squarely on your ensemble.

●Go with gold: Someone once said not to pair silver and gold. Well, we think we heard that somewhere, but they were wrong. Silver and gold are natural counterparts and look great together. Just don’t overdo it. A touch of contrast is all that’s needed; you want to glimmer a bit, not look like the crown jewels.

●All black and silver: Black and silver are also natural mates. For the ladies; silver pairs beautifully with black dresses; for the gents, it goes well with a black suit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Silver adds a “metal” look to leather jackets, too – if you can excuse the pun.

Come See Them for Yourself at the LA County Fair! (May 5-30, 2022)
Jewelry, like clothing, constitutes a highly personal investment. If you want to see what sorts of sterling silver therapeutic magnetic bracelets Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics actually offers, go visit them at the LA County Fair this year between May 5th and 30th, 2022!

Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics has been a proud sponsor of and vendor at the LA County Fair since 1998 and this year is your chance to get up close and personal with their high-quality magnetic bracelets for men and women.

Comfortable to wear, with high strength magnetics, exhibiting jewelers’ quality, and in a variety of unique designs, their sterling silver magnetic bracelets are in a class of their own – visit the Fair to see for yourself!

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