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That Whitewash Coffee Table You Need To Complete Your Modern Shabby Chic Vibe

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A term so popular in the 80’s when affluence and self-indulgence were at the fore priority of the society—shabby chic was thrown around from elegant country homes to downtown apartments. You will notice the sleek style of the interior furniture items that are both gleaming and worn yet beautifully curated. A touch of vintage, polished marble and the reddish brown hints of brass. As years went by, the shabby chic vibe has slowly been replaced with the emergence of industrial chic and modern minimalism. However, as a consequence of the challenges that have materialized in the past year, the search for solace and familiarity has never been more inspired than ever.

As we back away from social life for safety, we find ourselves yearning for the warmth of the past. In consequence, Shabby Chic has made a significant return in our homes, better than it ever has. With a twist of modern touch, the newfangled Shabby Chic feels au courant and avante-garde yet soothing and comfortable—making our stay-at-home life more in touch with familiarity. And with the major comeback of Shabby Chic in our homes, we seek only the right furniture pieces to make everything put together starting from our living room, a whitewashed coffee table might be the last piece we need.

A Dainty Touch of Whimsy
From walls to furniture pieces, the idea of everything whitewashed is the main ingredient to a light and fresh Shabby Chic decor finish. This kind, off-white color, has held up to the test of time, balancing the natural appearance of finished and whimsy. Furniture pieces that are whitewashed depict uncluttered and feminine which is next to warmth, a fresh jar of cookies and a glass of milk.

A whitewash coffee table completes the classic sense of refinement in your living room. And with its serenity and simple beauty comes the sorely needed functionality in the space. Others would incorporate table runners that are made with vintage fabric and floral patterns on their coffee table to achieve that whimsical look.

Styling Your Coffee Table
Any shades of colors in the white color palette can contribute to a chilly atmosphere. And we don’t want that in our Shabby Chic living room vibe. The idea is to get the right balance may it be color accents or styling of small knick-knacks collection on the table.

For an oversized coffee table, you may want to keep the clutter to a minimum by carefully curating the objects you are going to put on the table in a grid-like manner. It would also help if you make a routine swap out operation by putting a couple of seasonal items that would help elevate the overall mood of your living room space.

Styling your vintage coffee table may sound like an easy task, however, if you have no idea how to establish the proper balance, your modern Shabby Chic vibe might circle back to a more cluttered, more traditional one in this manner.

Get your whitewash vintage coffee table from Eloquence, and together with the hundreds of homes seeking comfort and familiarity, make your home more welcoming with the use of antique furniture items.

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