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The Advantages of Building Your Own MSR from an AR-15 Parts Kit

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Depending on the make, model, and features of the MSR that has caught your attention, you’ll be shelling out anywhere from around $450 to upwards of several thousand dollars. On the low end, AR-15 parts kits cost just about the same as more affordable sporting rifles, especially when you add in the cost of the stripped receiver and any other parts you’ll be replacing individually.

So if you won’t save money making your own, why do so many people do it? Likely, their reasons for doing so boil down to one – or several – of these.

● Greater pride of ownership from personal involvement in the process
Some people just enjoy working with their hands. You may know someone who prefers to change his or her own spark plugs or perform other maintenance on his or her car when that person can possibly save money and definitely save time by taking it to a mechanic. Well, it’s the same with guns. Some people just take pride in their work.

● You’ll learn a lot about how your firearm operates
Another great reason that people build their own sporting rifles from parts kits is that it’s impossible to put one together without learning a lot (a lot!) about how the rifle works. There are so many small and moving parts inside an AR and all of them work together to ensure the feeding, firing, ejecting, and overall operation. You just can’t build your own rifle without developing a fair intimacy with how all of these parts work together.

The unintended but welcome consequence of this is that when something goes wrong with your rifle or needs to be replaced, you will be much better prepared to diagnose and then actually make the repair.

● If you end up with spare parts, you’ll be ready to make repairs
Another potentially unintended effect of creating your own sporting rifle is that, if you make a lot of alterations along the way, you may end up with spare parts that you can then keep in reserve to make repairs in the future. For example, if you choose to buy a trigger group, or a different barrel, one-off, from the kit you purchased, you’ll then have a spare trigger group and barrel lying around for when and if these parts eventually need to be replaced.

● You can change out parts during the process to enhance performance
Likely the best reason that shooters customize their own rifles from AR-15 parts kits is that you can make very precise adjustments to performance while you are creating them. Not a fan of the trigger that came with the model? Want a different handguard? Interested in improving cycling time with a different bolt carrier group, or in creating a more balanced, more adjustable rifle with a different stock or buffer tube? All of these things are modular and can be swapped out during the course of a build.

● Every build is a custom build
Finally, one of the reasons that shooters prefer to build their own rifles is because each and every end result is a custom platform. Even if it outwardly looks the same as other sporting rifles, a custom rifle will feature custom mechanics and performance, especially if you adjusted them along the way.

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