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The Advantages of Cotton Sweatpants for Men

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When it comes to comfort, virtually nothing can compare with a good pair of sweatpants. After all, sweatpants have been around for years and have often been used and associated as loungewear and sleepwear.

These days though, sweatpants are no longer just worn for comfort, but as a part of one’s style and fashion sense. After all, if celebrities like Zack Efron, Drake, Michael B. Jordan, and Channing Tatum can rock a pair of sweatpants, then there’s no reason that they can’t be a vital part of one’s wardrobe after all.

But besides comfort, what are some other advantages and benefits to wearing sweatpants?

1. Keep You Warm
One of the biggest advantages to sweatpants compared to leggings or joggers is the fact that they’re more capable of keeping you warm. This makes them ideal workout wear for cold weather. Being able to trap your body heat during exercise, after all, is important for your muscles. Staying warm can greatly reduce the risk of injury during your workout session.

Additionally, because they trap more of your body heat compared to leggings and joggers, cotton sweatpants for men can cause you to sweat more profusely. This ultimately helps you take off and burn more calories. And though its contribution may be small, all it takes is you slipping on a thicker set of bottoms to add to your caloric expenditure.

2. Moisture Wicking Properties
Though they’re thicker than joggers, cotton sweatpants for men actually have excellent moisture wicking properties. This is due to cotton being a natural fabric that’s innately good at pulling moisture away from the skin. Cotton’s breathability also allows for easier evaporation, and is capable of keeping you both cool and dry.

3. Easy to Move In
One advantage that joggers and leggings have is that their fabric is thin, lightweight, and flexible. That ease of movement is not lost on cotton sweatpants for men, though. Because they’re designed specifically for exercising activities, sweatpants provide enough space for your body to move and stretch in. Provided you have them in the right size, you should be able to move around with little resistance.

4. Skin Protection
Because cotton sweatpants are relatively thick, they don’t just help keep heat trapped inside, but also help reduce your overall direct exposure to the sun. While, of course, nothing beats actual sunscreen, a pair of thick cotton sweatpants also lowers the chances of sunburn.

5. Did We Mention They’re Comfortable?
While we did mention just how comfortable sweatpants can be at the start of this article, we can’t stress it enough. After all, sweatpants can be considered the perfect loungewear that can help you feel more relaxed and at home.

They’re a great wear for those days you feel under the weather, or days when you simply want to feel a little bit more cozy and comfortable. They’re perfect for snuggling together under the sheets, or next to a fire. And they’re good for wearing both before and after your workout.

5. Did We Mention They’re Comfortable?
Remember that sweatpants aren’t just workout clothes. They’re athleisure fashion, which means that it’s perfectly fine to pair them with other fashionable pieces. So don’t just settle for sweatpants that are simply comfortable and fit well, but go for those you can also easily pair up a trendy coat or blazer, a good pair of boots and sneakers, or a matching sweatshirt.

More than anything, though, choose one made from 100% cotton. Just Sweatshirts has some high quality sweatpants and sweatshirts that are the perfect blend between comfort and function. So if you’re on the lookout for that perfect pair of cotton sweatpants for men, check out their online store at

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