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The African Print Clothing: Various Designs Fit For Any Occasion

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African fashion is perhaps the most illustrious fashion with over 54 completely different countries in love with this and even extended to the other continents of the world. One of the many things worth enjoyable about African print clothing other than its unique color combinations and dazzling designs is its meaning and history. The story that is usually told about African prints was when they were first produced in the 1800s by the Dutch, who traded them in West Africa’s coastal towns. The bold and beautiful designs on quality fabrics make African prints very popular among leading fashion houses promoting this art form.

The distinctive colors and elaborate designs — that are the Ankara — are only one of the few popular names for different designs and color patterns known mostly from West Africa. This pattern (printed on 100 percent cotton fabric) has widespread even to the international scene strutting proudly from the streets of New York to the vogue runways of Paris. This African batik print was initially used in traditional designs of clothing, now seen in popular casual party dresses, from markets to the usual Fridays at work, or even to funerals and weddings.

Bell Sleeves Long African Print Maxi Dress
This gorgeous dress is smocked just right on the abdominal part, featuring long flared sleeves that seem to get pretty much the attention of anyone in the room, and a generous airy billowy bottom part. A certified jaw-dropper, this dress can be worn with a matching Ankara print headwrap too, for a more bohemian effect. It is as simple and timeless as it is easy to wear with one size that fits most. Usually sold with a unique patchwork-style print finished with unique dye techniques, this dress can be worn every day, emanating a feminine feel with a forgiving fit perfect for all body types.

Wide Leg Ankara Print Trousers
Another one size fits most wide-leg trousers, made with a classic African wax print. Usually manufactured with a wide elastic waist, this ensemble provides a forgiving fit and with matching head wrap, anyone can flaunt this on any occasion may it be casual or formal. This design of African print clothing sure keeps anyone comfy while looking stunning in the office.

African Print Kaftan
Many fashion designers have commercialized this widely-known traditional African print clothing as hostess gowns for casual at-home entertaining. The Kaftans come in different colors, patterns, and shades that promote comfort and an airy feel. Long, airy kaftan often displays authority and intimidation making you look like the owner of the house. This type of clothing is generally one size fits most and would look incredibly dramatic when worn with a headwrap.

This bright and bold traditional African clothing traces its roots back to the Yoruba culture. Originally worn as a work shirt by men in West Africa, modern fashion has marketed this now as an article of unisex clothing. In the ‘60s, African American men wear dashiki as a proud symbol of identity—black pride. Sold in its original loose-fitting, the dashiki nowadays utilizes a regal and majestic color palette, perfect for a casual lunch out or household parties.

Advance Apparels, a family-owned clothing brand, dedicated to sharing African art in the form of fashion with the rest of the world has a variety of African clothing perfect for every color, size, and body shape. Check out their website and see for yourself.

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