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The Beauty Chef Enhances Your Appearance From the Inside Out

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Carla Oates, the founder of The Beauty Chef, got her start in crafting all natural supplements when she was still a teenager looking for ways to handle her skin concerns. She discovered that there were many types of plants that can support healthy skin and began working with some carefully selected botanicals in order to create the right concoctions to alleviate her concerns.

Soon her family received similar benefits as she created some for them as well, showing that the health of your skin was directly linked to the health of your body and what you allow yourself to consume in a day. She later entered the beauty industry and became disillusioned by all of the products she saw being promoted despite having often questionable ingredients. She began working on her own skincare and beauty products made with similar ingredients to those she would prepare as dietary supplements, and realized that healthy, glowing skin starts from the gut. The nutrients you eat contribute to your skin in a different way than skin creams and serums can. She created The Beauty Chef with the hope that she could pass along all the recipes and knowledge she acquired to others so that they can see real, lasting results in their skin, just as she and her family did before.

Beauty From Within
We love the message that The Beauty Chef is trying to share with the public, that healthy skin is beautiful and the best way to feel confident with your looks is to look within. Proper self care can do a lot to make people feel more confident about themselves in part because it teaches us to take care of the bodies we have and not take them for granted.

A well-rounded beauty routine does not start with makeup, but with a healthy lifestyle, attitude, and diet. You should take care of your body first in order to enjoy the benefits of healthy, glowing skin. That is the mindset The Beauty Chef is trying to guide us into.

Easy to Use Products
An important aspect of The Beauty Chef products is how they are delivered to your diet. Since these are products you are meant to consume orally, the taste really does matter. If we are going to be realistic and honest with ourselves, we can admit that we would be much less likely to take our supplements regularly if they tasted terrible or required a lot of effort to consume.

Thankfully, Carla crafted her supplements to feel like an easy and natural addition to your ordinary day. The Inner Beauty Boost tonics can be consumed by simply adding a few portioned drops to a cup of juice, water, smoothie, or any other cool drink you will be sipping throughout the day. The Inner Beauty Powders can be consumed by mixing in a small serving to your beverage, similar to the tonic, and drinking just the same. The flavor is subtle but still adds some of the natural flavors from the potent botanical ingredients. Their blends make an easy addition to your day and contribute a healthy dose of prebiotics and probiotics to your diet. Improving your nutritional intake doesn’t have to feel like taking medicine or completing a chore. It can be as simple as mixing some nutritional supplements from The Beauty Chef into your drink before you head out the door.

Get started on your new beauty routine with all natural, probiotic and probiotic supplements, specially formulated to improve the health of your skin by way of your digestive system. You can shop for all of their tonics and powders now at beauty-heroes.com. Sort through their offerings and see which ones can best help you to improve your nutritional intake and skin health based on your goals.

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