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The Best Custom Built Gaming PC For Competitive Shooters

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In competitive multiplayer games where every fraction of a second counts, something as simple as a frame stutter can end a round and keep you from qualifying for an upcoming tournament or limit your winnings. Games such as Call of Duty: Cold War, Fortnite: Battle Royale, Apex Legends, and Valorant depend on strong reflexes and even stronger computer components.

In order to compete in these extremely competitive games, you need the best custom built gaming PC that has all of the proper high-end components that will ensure performance.

For gamers interested in entering the world of competitive PvP or that are already into the scene and want to solidify their position with a quality gaming PC that will allow them to play how they need to, the following buyer’s guide will help get you started.

The Benefits of a High-Performance Gaming PC
While it’s nice to think that hardware has nothing to do with the gaming experience, it all depends on the kinds of games you play and what tier of play you are talking about. In competitive environments, you need smooth frame rates and maximum performance, otherwise lag and other issues could get in the way of your ability to land shots or move fluidly.

The issue is that many of today’s popular competitive titles also require suitably powerful gaming rigs in order to run as smoothly as possible. A game such as Call of Duty: Cold War, for instance, with its incredibly detailed high-resolution graphics, needs a powerful gaming computer to run properly at optimal settings. While a lower end PC will work for purely casual purposes, these titles need high-quality hardware in order to run for professional eSports purposes.

The benefit of investing in a higher-quality gaming PC is that you won’t have to worry about lowering your settings or capping your frames in order to get the desired performance you want. You also won’t have to worry about your components overheating or wearing out, because with the right build, your components will be properly cooled. This way you can practice for long hours with your team or enter competitive tournaments with less risk of performance issues in general.

Why Gamers Love Custom Built Gaming PCs
With a custom gaming computer, you can ensure that you have just what you need in order to run the games you love and that you want to invest your time with in order to compete in.

Not only does a custom built PC give you more control over the individual components that you choose, but you can decide on the size of the tower you want, the kind of cooling system you want, the strength of the battery, the chipset, how much HDD space you want, and even the aesthetics. From custom LED lighting options to high-quality paint jobs, you can fine tune your custom PC to match your tastes and competitive gaming needs on every level.

To find the best custom built gaming PC, you need to know where to shop, however. To build a PC that is truly suited for professional gaming, you need one built by gaming experts. This is why you should check out CLX and their wide selection of pre-built and custom-built gaming PC options.

Featuring an incredible variety of top-quality components and an array of eye-catching aesthetic options as well, CLX allows gamers to craft the ultimate gaming PC for their specific needs, that will more than hold its own in a professional eSports environment. Visit their online PC builder today and start building the computer you need in order to take on the opposition.

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