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The Carbon Fiber Manufacturer You Have Been Waiting for

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Carbon fiber has swiftly landed itself in the ranking for one of the most widely-used, reliable, and versatile materials. It is used across numerous industries and placed in countless products, from advanced aerospace crafts to sports equipment.

Carbon fiber is so commendable for plenty of reasons: its strength (it’s 5 times stronger than steel) and its lightweight characteristics (it’s 70% lighter than steel and 40% lighter than aluminum). It’s really no mystery as to why it’s used across varying industries and their goods.

However, when your business requires specific carbon fiber products and parts, it can be difficult to find a manufacturer you can trust. That’s where Protech Composites Inc. comes in. Protech Composites has risen to become one of the best carbon fiber manufacturers on the market today. But, why exactly do they stand out amongst the many others?

Custom Carbon Fiber Sheets
If you have a specific project in mind, then Protech Composites will work with you to get the job done right. They pride themselves on their high-quality custom carbon fiber sheets along with other carbon fiber products in order to make all of your visions become a reality.

They can create carbon sheets of thickness from .01” to .75” and make them with any finish you require. Dimensions are also variable depending on what you need and can come in a range of four feet to 20 feet. No matter what your custom needs are, Protech Composites is happy to make it all happen!

Guaranteed No Pinholes or Voids
As reliable and durable as carbon fiber is, there are two manufacturing defects that can arise: pinholes and voids. The former issue happens during the infusion process when air bubbles are trapped and create air holes, which lead to pinholes. The latter, on the other hand, are pores in the composite that remain unfilled with resin.

However, with the best carbon fiber manufacturer, these manufacturing issues are guaranteed not to occur. This is because Protech Composites only uses the highest quality of materials in their meticulous manufacturing processes and has rigorous quality control to ensure you have the best and nothing less.

Faster Turnaround than Competitors
Do you need your product to get to you quickly? Not to worry: they make sure that you will get it– and significantly faster than you would with any of their competitors. The industry shipping standard is typically 3-6 weeks for custom products. For Protech Composites, that simply won’t do.

They ship their custom products fast: within 2-3 weeks. Plus, if you choose to opt for stock products, you can expect them to ship them to you within 24 hours.

Experienced with a Diverse Portfolio
They know what they’re doing and it truly shows. Protech Composites has years of experience in the business and has partnered with people of varying industries to create incredible things, including consumer goods, knives, robotics, UAV/drones, wheelchairs, and much more! Their carbon fiber portfolio is nothing short of merit-worthy.

Are you ready to supply yourself and your business with top-quality carbon fiber? Then call the customer service team for Protech Composites Inc., the best carbon fiber manufacturer, today at 360-573-7800. They can’t wait to get started on your next exciting project, no matter how big or small.

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