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The Importance of Working with a Trusted Supplier for Antique Gun Parts

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You wouldn’t drive 10,000 miles without changing the oil in your car (well, we hope you wouldn’t). Would you put 10,000 rounds through a barrel before replacing it, or worse; would you put 10,000 rounds through a barrel without even cleaning it?

The point is here that firearms, like all machines, require a little bit of maintenance in order to remain operable. In some instances, routine maintenance only goes so far and actual parts need to be replaced. This is often the case with antique weapons that have seen better days.

But where can you get antique gun parts, and why does it matter where you shop?

The Sum of Quality Antique Gun Parts Is a Functional Antique Weapon (Ideally)
Many gun shops will carry shells and Hoppe’s No. 9. Many of them, if not most, will not carry a decent range of antique gun parts, and those that do probably only carry them on an opportunistic basis.

This is relatively unfortunate because without functioning parts the gun itself will not function. This is alright for wallhangers but not for firearms used in competition, for hunting, or for other sporting purposes.

If the shop sells used guns and was consigned an antique rifle or shotgun, they might then also come by some similar parts – but there’s no guarantee for this. That makes it imperative to shop with a provider like SARCO, Inc., online at They carry one of the industry’s largest collections of replacement parts for used, historical rifles and antique guns.

Not Sure What You Need? Ask for Help
Many gun owners, like many vehicle owners, aren’t really familiar with the precise operation of their rifles. They know how to safely handle a firearm or car, but start taking it apart and you might as well be speaking another language.

That’s why so many gun owners will resort to a shop for repair or replacement when things aren’t working as they should be. If you don’t know what part you need for replacement or even where to look, ask for help – the experts at SARCO, Inc. would be glad to help.

Wrong Part? Ask for Help
If you ever mistakenly bought the wrong part and tried to make the repair yourself, you’re not alone. Just know that you can reach out to the experts at SARCO, Inc., to rectify that problem as well. They’ll determine what part you need and make sure it’s compatible.

Can’t Make the Repair Yourself? You Know What to Do
Perhaps, instead, it is the case that you know what part you need (or at least you think you do) but you lack the tools or experience to make the repair. That’s no matter – simply take your query to SARCO, Inc., by phone or in person. Give them a call at 610-250-3960 or visit them in Easton, Pennsylvania (50 Hilton Street) and they’ll help you figure out the repair.

Visit SARCO, Inc. for Antique Gun Parts
Whether you think you know what you need or you’re completely in the dark, visit SARCO Inc., at for a huge collection of antique gun parts. They carry parts, accessories and kits for Lee-Enfield Rifles, for the Springfield 1903, the M1 Garand, Mauser rifles, and many other historically significant arms. Check out their website today and give them a call at 610-250-3960 if you have any questions.

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