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Thread Mill Pipe Threads for Quick and Accurate Results

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Tap and die tools or lathe threading machines have traditionally been used to create interlocking threads. While these techniques are still used today, an increase in thread milling has resulted from the increased use of CN technology in production environments. Using the right end mills and settings, you can thread mill pipe threads in seconds. This is a terrific technique for machine companies to maintain their work on the CNC rather than moving it to another machine for threading.

Thread mills are preferred over traditional threading equipment like taps and dies for a variety of reasons. The most important consideration is time; these machines work at tremendous speeds and may complete a thread in seconds. Because tap and die tools must be pushed back and forth to remove chips from threads, they can take a long time. Thread mills are also less prone to break in use because of their method of operation. They can also cut many thread sizes with the same equipment while allowing the cutting left and right-handed threads back to back. You can also complete two perpendicular threads without needing to alter the workpiece because CNC routers can easily move the axis they’re cutting on.

The advantages of moving to thread milling are evident for all of these reasons. Thread milling cutters will be required if your shop wants to begin milling threads. The single pitch thread mill and the full form thread mill are the two most common types of these cutters. Single pitch mills have a small cutting head at the mill’s end that is designed to cut each thread separately. They’re great for low-power thread milling and threading thin or unstable sections of a workpiece that couldn’t sustain the huge cutting pressures of a larger end mill because they’re so small. Single pitch mills may also cut several thread pitches with the same tool, making them ideal for mixed-production environments.

Full form thread mills are available if speed is a priority. These cutters have a bigger cutting head with many “teeth” that resemble the rows of single pitch mills’ cutting heads. Instead of cutting each thread individually, these tools allow you to thread mill pipe threads in a single 360-degree spin. Instead of cutting a series of circular notches, the teeth cut flawless threads by dropping the tool by the thread pitch distance during the cut. These tools are great for cutting threads at fast rates and can cut a variety of thread sizes as long as the thread pitch remains consistent. They can also be used as a single tool to cut and chamfer.

Visit Online Carbide if you’re ready to thread mill pipe threads in your shop. Thread mills, classic end mills, drill bits, and other tools are available, all of which are made in the United States from high-quality carbide stock. You can reach their team at 630-238-1424 or [email protected] if you have any questions about their thread mills or any of the other carbide cutting instruments they sell.

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