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Tips for Buying Non-Nicotine Liquid for Vape Pens

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Although vape juice with nicotine may be the most common, that does not mean it is the best on the market. Many vape users swear by nicotine-free vape juice, so much so that they would never vape using nicotine again. If you are at all curious, it is certainly worth giving a try. There are just a few things you may want to keep in mind while shopping for the best non-nicotine liquid for vaping.

Seek Out a Full Range of Flavors
Excluding nicotine from your vape products does not mean you have to miss out on great flavors at all. Nicotine-free vape liquid comes in all sorts of flavors, so you do not have to lower your expectations just to try one. Stick to brands that have non-nicotine vape juice in a great range of flavors. You should be able to choose between more than a handful of flavors at a time.

Read Reviews on Formula Quality
As any experienced vape user will tell you, vape juice formulas are not the exact same between brands and you will certainly like some more than others. It makes an even greater difference if you are switching over from regular nicotine vape juice to non-nicotine liquid for the first time. The absence of nicotine is noticeable and actually makes the vape juice smoother. Nicotine creates a throat hit that makes the vape juice feel a little harsh on the throat as you inhale. Without that, you just get a smooth gust of flavor.

Look up the brand’s name and read up on reviews customers left regarding the formula. This will give you a good idea of which ones probably have a good non-nicotine liquid formula. You do not have to pour over reviews for hours, but just read over enough comments to feel like you are going to be fine purchasing from this brand.

Start With Disposable Vape Pens
Once you are starting to explore the full range of vape juice flavors available by a particular brand, you should slow things down a bit and consider which ones you really want to try soon. Make up a list of the flavors you would like to test out first and see how many of them you can get in the form of a disposable vape pen. People often like to pick up disposable vapes when they are testing out a new brand or flavor of vape juice because it gives them just enough product to form an opinion, but not so much that it goes to waste if they did not like it. You will not be stuck with a nearly full bottle of non-nicotine liquid in a flavor you dislike if you give it a quick trial run.

This could also help you to save some money upfront. Since you might not want to purchase a bunch of vape juice refills all at once, you can cut down on the costs by choosing disposable pens, which are less expensive as a single purchase. These pens allow you to test out the formula and flavors at the same time and figure out how you feel about them personally.

If you need a good idea of what vape brands you should try out first, we would recommend going to They have a great reputation for creating non-nicotine liquid for vape pens in lots of exciting flavors. It is actually what they specialize in, so if any brand is going to work for you, it’s going to be them. Start with their disposable vape pen options and see which flavors call out your name.

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