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Tips to break the bad habits of your pre-school kids

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Managing and grooming children is not as easy task. It needs a lot of patience, understanding and persistent efforts in the right direction to see measurable results. Pre-schools can confront a lot of bad habits in their children. Most of them cannot be overlooked. Every pre-school must take steps to identify the bad habits and rectify them in their children. This is in fact, the most important part of the educational efforts in the schools.

Some typical bad habits you can spot in pre-school kids include finger sucking, nose picking, nail biting, teeth grinding, body rocking or head banging, hair pulling, stereotyped behaviors that are repeated known as Tics, breath holding, and masturbation. Here are a few tips to break the bad habits in your pre-school children.

Try to ignore the annoying habit
In the first place, try to ignore it if a behavior can be annoying. Most children can outgrow these habits with the passage of time. In fact, too much attention to some bad habits can end up encouraging them in the children.

The method of appreciation
To start with, praise the kid for its positive behavior. The best approach here is to identify what you want to like to see in the kid and praise the child for that. Catch the child when it is being good and tell the child that you have noticed the good behavior. When the child is moved by your praise, you can make use of the rapport you developed with the child to slowly point out to the child what needs to be changed about its habits and behavior.

Help the children understand why a certain habit is bad
It is nearly impossible to stop a bad habit in a child when you have not succeeded in making the child understand why such a behavior is not liked in them. A little child for example might feel he or she is getting enough benefit out of biting nail and hence might not be willing to stop it. When the child gets older, he or she might be interested in developing good looking nails. At this stage, it is easy to make the kid quit the bad habit of biting nails.

Prioritize the bad habits to correct
If you feel there are a number of bad habits in a child to correct, do not overload the child with criticisms and advises. Prioritize the bad habits in the order of the most bothering ones and attend to them one at a point. This will make your job easy and also help the child show some concrete results with its habits. Making too much changes at once can be too much for the child to take and might end up disappointing or threatening the child.

Managing your pre-school
Pre-school management is highly challenging. As an educator entrepreneur, you need to focus on a lot of things at once. Investing in a good childcare management software can help you bring in a systematic working and also leave you with enough time to focus on the development of your pre-school kids.

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