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Top 3 (Practical) Reasons to Get a Schwinn Retro Unicycle

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Despite the fact that there are probably unicyclists out there with only one ride, it’s much more likely that die-hards have a collection going.

Why? Well, each unicycle is just not as good as the next for each and every discipline.

Consider Muni riding. You don’t want to be on a rough mountain trail on a 36” unicycle with slick street tires. That’s a mess waiting to happen.

Similarly, you wouldn’t waste your time trying to commute on a unicycle with 20” tires. Well, you might, but you’d be more tired at the end of it.

So where does a Schwinn retro unicycle fit into this picture? Is there a place in every collection for one of these unique throwbacks?

We say yes – if any of the following pointers apply to you.

It’s Cool (Obviously!) sells a couple of Schwinn retro unicycles, in two sizes and available in blue and orange.

They are made with Schwinn steel two-piece mainframes, the way they were when Schwinn was still in Chicago. However, they have updated 40mm stamped main cap-bearing housings to take advantage of modern wheelsets. They also feature comfortable Schwinn saddles.

Whether you go for an electric orange or a cool blue Schwinn retro unicycle, the “pop” factor is built right in.

They have graceful round crown forks and the Schwinn logo is attractively lettered on the side of the fork.

In other words – you don’t need to get one of these retro unicycles to pursue a specific discipline. You can get one just to enjoy the ride!

Good for Unicycle Sports
The above being gotten out of the way, some of these Schwinn unicycles are also great for unicycle sports like unicycle basketball or unicycle hockey.

The smaller of the two models – the Schwinn with 20” tires – is probably the best model for this. The smaller tire is more maneuverable and agile, making it easier to perform athletic feats in the saddle.

If you really enjoy these sports (or are just thinking about getting into them) a Schwinn one-wheeler can be a great way to stand out from the crowd!

Good for Learning Indoor Tricks
The smaller of the two Schwinn unicycles is also a good choice for learning indoor tricks. In fact, both the 20” and the 24” versions can be suitable for freestyle riding, although the smaller model will probably handle more favorably.

The smaller wheel size is more nimble and carries less rotational momentum, making it easier to perform tricks and start and stop more easily. That’s just the kind of thing you need for trick riding or in a unicycle for freestyle riding.

The perfect balance between small and large tire sizes – too large and it gets unwieldy, too small and it gets hard to control and stabilize like it’s too sensitive.

The 20” wheel size is a good compromise. Just make sure you ride it on even ground (or inside, as we mentioned). It’ll handle much better that way.

On the flip side, if you need a street unicycle for riding around town and you love the look, the 24” is great for that. Not nearly as fast as a model with larger tires, but it’ll do for a joy ride.

Where Can You Get a Schwinn Retro Unicycle?
Interested in a Schwinn retro unicycle for your collection? You just need to know where you can get one!

Visit via the previous link. They carry one of the largest selections of unicycles and parts online, including Schwinn models (and much more!).

While you’re there, you can pick up some safety gear, too, so get to it and get in the saddle!

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