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Top 7 Reasons You Will Love a Glock Airsoft Gun

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Glock airsoft guns are nearly as popular as their real counterparts are with law enforcement and civilians, and there are plenty of officially licensed Glock replicas out there, predominantly gas blowback airsoft pistols (GBB airsoft pistols) that are either green gas or CO2 powered.

Many of these airsoft replica Glock airsoft pistols mimic the features and functionality of the originals, are compatible with a wide range of attachments, and capable of both semi and full auto modes of fire. Here are the top seven things you just won’t be able to help but love about a Glock airsoft gun.

1.Smooth, fluid, fast action
If there’s one thing to love about a Glock airsoft pistol, it’s the smooth, fluid action. Whereas some airsoft guns have a bit of a stiff or gritty action, Glock airsoft replicas are quick, smooth, and reliable, with actions that cycle like a breeze.

This makes it easy to keep shots on target and, just as importantly, makes it enjoyable to handle and shoot their airsoft guns. If you’re tired of spring airsoft pistols and less responsive GBB pistols, try a Glock replica.

2.High quality components
Most Glock airsoft pistols are made with a mix of high impact, durable plastics and resins as well as metals. Frames and grips tend to be made from tough polymers, whereas the barrel and some other components are made of metal. They’re highly durable and reliable, and built for performance. You can beat up a Glock airsoft gun and it’ll keep performing.

3.The ability to accessorize with attachments
Another great aspect of the utility of Glock airsoft pistols is that many of them are compatible with quite a range of attachments and accessories. Not a fan of the sights that came with your Glock airsoft gun? Switch them out. Drop a red dot sight on the slide. Add a light or a laser; with many Glock replicas, you can.

4.Power and capacity capabilities
Many Glock replicas can approach muzzle velocities of around 300 FPS, which is fairly powerful for an airsoft pistol. In addition to raw power, they’re typically capable of both semi and full auto modes of fire and compatible with extended magazines that will improve their somewhat lackluster capacity.

5.Lots of aftermarket parts and accessories
There are also tons of aftermarket parts available for many Glock airsoft replicas. If you’re looking to swap out the barrel, add on a rail attachment or adapter, or a new trigger or a magazine, it won’t be too hard to do so with most replicas and the parts that are available.

6.Excellent ergonomics
Since these are Glock replicas, they will mostly feature the balance, handling and ergonomic attributes of the models after which they have been designed. Swift, responsive, balanced and quick to index, some Glock replicas are the cream of the crop.

7.Cool factor
Lastly, there’s one more good reason to add a Glock airsoft pistol to one of your holsters, because you don’t just have one, right? What more can we say, it’s the cool factor.

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