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Townhouses: Your ideal investment deal for 2021

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If you are looking to buy a home, then a townhouse is your best bet. Compared to other housing types like detached single-family, condos, etc., investing in a townhouse comes with several benefits. Wondering what they are?

In this article, we will guide you through the distinct advantages of investing in a townhouse. But first, let’s understand what a townhouse is.

What is a townhouse?
A townhouse, also known as a row house, is a multi-story residential building that shares walls with an adjacent property on at least one side. While you own only interior units in some townhouses, you may own interior units and exterior units and the roof in others.

Why invest in a townhouse?

Top reasons for investing in a townhouse include:

1. Inexpensive
Townhouses are less expensive compared to detached homes or sometimes even condos. The reason for the lower price is that it is relatively cheaper to build homes that share walls than it is to construct them separately.

However, it is important to note that, at times, the property’s location plays a key role. Nevertheless, properties in Calgary SW are inexpensive than the ones in many other places. You can check out townhouses for sale in Calgary SW to get better insight into the price trends.

2. Fewer responsibilities
If you own a single-family house, you will be responsible for interior units and exterior units. For instance, you will have to remove snow, maintain the lawn, take care of garbage collection, repair roofs, etc.

But if you invest in a townhouse, you will be responsible only for your interior units and sometimes a few minor exterior aspects.

3. Lower condo fees
Since townhouses have common amenities, they have lower condo fees compared to condo apartments. The list of amenities includes a gym, playground, clubhouse, etc.

Note that some popular townhouse communities may include a swimming pool and tennis court. If you are looking for such amenities, then consider checking out townhouses for sale in Calgary SW.

4. Offers great standard of living
Townhouses are designed to provide a great living standard. They usually have proximity to educational institutions, supermarkets, bus stations, hospitals, malls, restaurants, and connections with major cities.

In addition, since your neighbors reside very close to you, you will have a greater sense of security. Some townhouse communities may also have well-established security gates or even home security systems.

5. Attracts tenants
Tenants mostly look for properties that are: secured; easy to maintain; inexpensive; have good neighborhoods; and have proximity to schools, hospitals, and other basic amenities.

Since townhouses tick all these checkboxes, you can easily attract tenants if you plan to rent your property.

Closing Thoughts
Demand for nearly maintenance-free houses is increasing faster than ever. So, take advantage of the trend, invest in townhouses, and get better returns on your investment.

What are you waiting for? Check out the townhouse’s sale in Calgary SW. Who knows your dream townhouse could be in this beautiful electoral district?

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