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TriggerTech Triggers: Departure from Convention, Advanced Technology, a Superior Shooting Experience

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Gritty mil-spec triggers and so-called trigger “upgrades” that leave you wondering where exactly the upgrade is are a constant gripe among precision shooters.

Mushy triggers, inconsistent adjustability, and long resets take an already difficult discipline and add in even more complicated factors.

But there is a solution: TriggerTech Triggers.

The Only Trigger on the Market That Does Not Use Sliding Friction
Pretty much every trigger design in the world relies on sliding friction: pulling the trigger allows the trigger bar to slide out of the way of the sear, releasing the hammer.

TriggerTech Triggers do not rely on this principle. They operate without sliding friction and utilize FRT, or Frictionless Release Technology, which incorporates a cylindrical glass rod that does not rely on coatings or lubricants to function.

Triggertech only offers performance triggers that are engineered for the ideal release characteristics. This departure from sliding friction creates a crisp break with no trade-off in performance.

They’re engineered – and guaranteed – to improve both precision and accuracy.

Are TriggerTech Triggers Adjustable?
TriggerTech Triggers are easily adjustable thanks to their CKLR Technology, which includes an easy-to-access adjustment screw that makes adjusting trigger pull weight easy, straightforward, and precise.

Zero-Creep, Less Overtravel, an Extremely Short Reset
The FRT, or Frictionless Rod Technology, of these triggers guarantees a zero-creep break. These triggers also make use of TKR Technology which minimizes overtravel, incurring less disruption to your sight picture before the trigger breaks; it also ensures an extremely short reset that you can easily feel.

Safe and Durable
These triggers do not rely on coatings or lubrication to function properly and are made with 440C stainless steel internal components that are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Triggertech housings are also designed to minimize particulate ingress and are engineered to operate in the most unforgiving conditions.

Guaranteed for Life
These triggers come with a satisfaction guarantee and a warranty for the lifetime of the product – protecting your investment and enabling you to shoot with confidence.

Outfitting the Best Rifles in the Industry
TriggerTech Triggers, being some of the best-engineered and highest-performance triggers in the industry, are used in some of the best rifles on the market. Bergara, Christensen Arms, Surgeon, and McMillan Firearms are only a few of the names that use TriggerTech Triggers – but there are many others.

Triggers for Bolt Guns, Gas Guns, and Even Crossbows
TriggerTech Triggers are not just for AR-15 rifles and other gas platforms. The company also makes triggers for bolt-action firearms and crossbows, too.

Trust your trigger – whether you shoot a rifle or a crossbow.

Where Can You Learn More About TriggerTech Triggers
Interested in learning more about TriggerTech Triggers? Visit Anarchy Outdoors via the previous link. They carry replacement trigger groups for Remington 700 rifles, two-stage triggers, and AR-15 diamond triggers, among many other replacements and upgrades.

They also carry a wide range of other gun parts and upgrades, including throw levers, compensators, bolt handles, magwells, and a whole lot more.

Visit their website for more information or get in touch with them directly at 833-980-0333.

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