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Truck Mirrors: How to Clean, Protect, and Replace Them

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We all love our trucks. We hold them dear to our hearts and recognize just how important they are to our day-to-day lives.

However, we might not take care of them quite as well as we should. We scrape curbs, run over various potentially damaging terrain and debris, slam doors too aggressively, and even bump other vehicles on occasion.

One such location on our trucks that is left far more defenseless and vulnerable than any other (that we so often neglect) is our side mirrors.

Whether you have GMC truck mirrors, Ford truck mirrors, or any other brand’s truck mirrors, you need to be wary of them at all times (especially those of you who own tow mirrors!). Let’s take a look at how you should be properly cleaning and caring for them to avoid potential damage– and how to replace them when things go wrong.

How to Clean Side Mirrors
You should be cleaning your side mirrors quite often because, if not, your rear visualization could be drastically impacted, and, quite honestly, it won’t look that great! Here are some key side mirror cleaning tips:

● Use a gentle, clean, lint-free cloth with a glass cleaner that is non-ammonia based

● Put cleaner on the cloth, then rub the glass in a (gentle) circular motion

● Keep your truck in a shady and cool area post-cleaning as direct sunlight can lead to unbecoming spots and streaks

Best Practices to Protect Your Side Mirrors
Taking good care of your side mirrors extends far beyond just keeping them clean and clear of dirt, grime, and other undesirable particles. You have to protect them in other ways as well!

● Fold them in after parking – While you may be more aware of your side mirrors, other people might not be. Better safe than sorry– fold them in whenever and wherever you park!

● Don’t fidget too much with adjustment controls – When you’re bored in your truck (likely waiting for someone else to finish up an errand or other task), avoid fidgeting with the automatic controls. This could later lead to damage that you won’t enjoy having to deal with!

● Be wary of them at all times – Make sure you are driving slowly when going in reverse and when wiggling through tight spaces. Don’t forget to fold them in during car washes, too!

What to Do When You Need to Replace Truck Mirrors
Accidents happen and, no matter the precautions you might take, your side mirrors could still get damaged. Replacing these mirrors, though, can be quite pricey.

Fortunately, we have the answer for you: Gruven Parts. They have a great selection of high-quality truck parts to help you save a chunk of change while still providing your beloved truck with high-quality replacement parts.

They offer various products, like GMC truck mirrors, Dodge truck mirrors, numerous other brands’ mirrors along with mirror parts to match your needs and your budget. Browse Gruven Parts today and find the perfect parts for you and your truck!

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