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Using Green Polymer Clay to Create Cool Sci-Fi Monsters

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There’s something about sci-fi art that effortlessly captures our imagination. Whether it’s depictions of sleek flying saucers, intergalactic wars full of laser beams and photon cannons, or wild alien creatures with features that stretch the limits of what might be physically possible, there’s always something interesting about this genre that makes it great for artistic expression.

Rather than stick to a 2D medium to create sci-fi art, you might want to explore 3D with the help of materials like green polymer clay. In this quick guide we will detail some of the reasons why this could be the perfect artistic medium to work in if you are into science fiction or fantasy.

The Right Materials For The Job: Green Clay
What does an alien creature or otherworldly monster look like to you? While there is quite a lot of room to explore here in terms of what’s possible, as you’re only limited by what you can envision, green is one of the most common colors used for such purposes. Who hasn’t seen pictures of little green figures or slimy green creatures?

While the universe might not really be populated by an assortment of green-colored denizens, that won’t stop us from creating eye-catching art! With green polymer clay, for instance, you could easily create a 3-dimensional alien that is as otherworldly as you want.

If you love sci-fi and want to create a slithering space snake or spooky-looking green UFO driver, polymer clay is a great medium to work in. Don’t get discouraged if you are used to working with old fashioned clay that needs to be fired in a kiln and all that. Polymer clay is a lot cleaner to work with and can be used to create a wide variety of different things, from statues to jewelry. All you need is your imagination and a typical home oven and you’re all set.

This is part of what makes crafting with polymer clay so wonderful. It makes modeling in the 3rd dimension easier than you might think, especially for elaborate projects. Even if you plan on making alien-themed ornaments or large figurines, this clay will work wonders for you. Brands like Papa’s Clay, for instance, have vibrant colors that really pop, so you might be surprised at how great your creations come out once you are finished with them.

Where Can You Shop For High-Quality Polymer Clay and Tools?
Now that you are ready to get started creating giant green space lizards (or whatever else comes to mind), it’s time to get your supplies.

To find really high-quality green polymer clay, you might want to look elsewhere than your local department store or art shop. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home if that’s what you want. At Firefly Art Supplies, you can find all of the polymer clay you need in order to create striking sci-fi monsters and more!

What’s great about Firefly Art Supplies is that they carry some of the best polymer clay out there right now, including Papa’s Clay. This is some of the most vibrant and easy to work with clay on the market. They also have plenty of clay tools that you can use to help you with your projects as well, making them a true one-stop shop for all of your 3-dimensional crafting needs.

If you want to jump into the world of clay crafting and are looking for a reliable spot to source your supplies from, Firefly Art Supplies has everything you could need in order to get started.

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