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What are the Uses for Corn Cob LED Lights?

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When it comes to lighting, there is so much more than meets the eye. What we typically see as lighting is boiled down to the incandescent light bulbs you find in the lamps in your home or the lightbulbs you see in your car or the street lamps while you’re taking a walk. But, there is a whole other world to lighting and lighting fixtures and they serve many more purposes than one may think.

One of the more obscure forms of lighting that are actually quite useful for their specific intended purpose is called a corn cob LED light. While you may think it has something to do with the yummy vegetable you eat during a summer picnic, it is far from that. A corn cob lamp is most commonly used in accordance with LED lights. If you know anything about LEDs, then you know all too well how incredibly efficient, useful, and versatile LEDs are.

A corn cob light is an assembly of LEDs placed together on a metal structure. The arrangement of the LEDs, plus the yellow light that they give off is what produced this funny, yet distinguishable name. These lights are mainly used to provide a high output of light because of the LEDs since they illuminate so bright.

These fixtures are all cylindrical in shape, giving it the “cob” look. The great thing about using LEDs in this kind of way is that they are high output yet have low energy consumption, which is why LEDs are so popular for all lighting purposes right now. There are many uses for a lamp like this. While it’s not common to use these lights for in-home use, the practical use for other situations is much more significant.

These lights are most commonly used in places that you usually are in every single day. You can find these lights in parking lots, football stadiums, street lights, certain roadways, and interior high bay lamps. Anywhere that requires a lot of light to illuminate a huge area or space, you’ll find these corn cob LED lights. While you may have not heard of them before, they are incredibly useful and serve many great purposes for lighting up the places you frequent most.

The use of LED light bulbs in these corn cob lamps is especially useful because LEDs shine extremely bright, they last longer than any other lightbulb on the market, and they are highly energy efficient. Many places won’t have to worry about constantly changing these lightbulbs very often when using LEDs. Plus, they can save a bunch on their electrical bills.

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