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What Battery Is Best for a KWA Airsoft AEG?

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KWA Airsoft is one of those brands that’s been around for a while – over 30 years, actually. Since 1988, they’ve been producing high-quality, high-performance, reliable airsoft rifles and equipment for airsoft players and law enforcement personnel from all walks of life.

But if you want to get the most out of your KWA airsoft rifle, it’s best to pair it with the equipment, power, ammo, and accessories that will do it justice.

This means firing ammo of the right weight, maintaining the magazine, keeping the barrel clean and dry, and so on and so forth.

What about the airsoft battery? Let’s take a look.

What KWA Recommends

KWA Airsoft was actually the first manufacturer to produce Li-Po (lithium-polymer) ready AEGs, and as such recommends the use of 11.1V Li-Po batteries for all of their AEGs.

There are some advantages to Li-Po and Li-Ion (lithium-ion) batteries that other types of airsoft batteries (NiCad and NiMH batteries) lack.

For instance, Li-Po batteries tend to charge rapidly and hold a charge for a long-time. They also deliver an efficient discharge and tons of power. This can result in greater power and faster rates of fire for your AEG.

However, they are not without their drawbacks and must be handled and maintained wisely. For instance, lithium-polymer batteries, when carelessly handled or punctured, can start fires.

They also should not be drained and left dead for long as this can prevent them from holding a charge.

Add onto this the fact that Li-Po batteries are more expensive than NiCad and NiMH batteries and you have a set of conditions that behoove you to learn, for your own good.

Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer Battery Maintenance

If you choose a lithium-polymer or lithium-ion battery for your KWA airsoft AEG, make sure you follow these guidelines for use and storage, with some other best practices thrown in.

  • Don’t ever store your battery dead, or it won’t be able to take a charge. A good habit is to charge (or discharge) it to 50% capacity before storing it.
  • Never store the battery in the airsoft rifle. Always remove it before storage.
  • Don’t expose the battery to extreme temperatures as these will affect battery lifespan and can adversely affect service life. Avoid temperatures below 40℉ and above 68℉.
  • Be careful when handling a lithium battery as dropping it can damage it, and puncturing it can start fires.
  • Replace the battery when the charge time changes inexplicably or if you notice a deleterious shift in performance.

Following these basic precautions and best practices should keep your lithium airsoft batteries working for longer.

Looking for a New KWA Airsoft Rifle or Airsoft Battery?

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